What happened with Trevor & his ex?

Let's Unpack Trevor's Pre-'Listen To Your Heart' Relationship Drama


Every Bachelor franchise show is bound to bring some sort of drama to viewers' screens, and Listen to Your Heart is no exception. Contestant Trevor Holmes seems like he'll be at the center of some of the season's controversy, after the promo at the end of the season premiere showed a new contestant accusing him of some shady stuff in his past relationship. Of course, the quick preview doesn't explain exactly what happened with Trevor and his ex before Listen to Your Heart, but that's where I come in.

Trevor Holmes was the center of the action in Episode 1, when he was part of a love triangle situation with fellow contestants Ryan and Jamie. After some tense moments and two John Mayer covers, Jamie ended up picking Trevor over Ryan at the rose ceremony, solidifying them as a future-couple-to-watch. However, the promo for Episode 2 — which aired right after the season premiere — reveal not everyone is singing Trevor's praises.

The teaser shows a new contestant, Natascha, joining the mix and dropping some major news. “I actually know Trevor because I’m friends with his ex,” she says in the video. Then, in a one-on-one chat with Trevor, she asks him: “The lying and the cheating — are you gonna tell Jamie?”

Jamie's response wasn't captured in that teaser, but the promo for the entire season of Listen to Your Heart perhaps alludes to what happens next. Seemingly in response to Natascha's question, Trevor admits: "I told you, there was some emotional cheating." Check out 1:15 in the clip below for the scene.

So, fans are naturally asking, who is the ex in question, and what really went down between her and Trevor? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Trevor confirmed the woman Natascha asks him about in the promo is his ex, Sierra Nielsen. You *might* recognize Sierra from a few TV appearances back when her then-boyfriend Trevor appeared on American Idol in 2018. In his viral audition video, Katy Perry was a huge fan of Trevor and went to give him a hug after his performance, but Sierra jumped into his arms instead. The couple was later featured on Good Morning America to discuss the good-natured "love triangle" with Katy Perry, and Sierra joked that she and Katy could "share" Trevor.

While they looked happy in that interview, which aired in March 2018, Sierra confirmed in September of that year that the pair had called it quits. Her Instagram about the breakup alluded to infidelity:

Walking away from anything thats unhealthy or causing you pain is one of the most difficult acts of self love. But one of the most powerful. Recently I was faced with just that… Walking away from my relationship... Leaving was one of the hardest things I’ve done. But I had to leave out of LOVE FOR MYSELF. My heart was not being protected. It was not receiving the respect, loyalty, honesty and love it SO deserves. The past few weeks have been filled with pain, anger, tears, confusion, hurt, grief AND compassion while learning to forgive myself for allowing much less than I deserve for far too long ... I know infidelity & deceit come with a lot of pain & heartache.

While Trevor hasn't addressed these accusations directly, he did talk about the breakup in the Entertainment Tonight interview. "She's a great person," he said. "I wasn't ready for a relationship at the time. I had some personal growing to do and I needed time to be alone."

Trevor also mentioned in the interview that he didn't know who Natascha was initially until she explained it to him. (It's unclear exactly how close Natascha and Sierra actually are, but they do follow each other on IG, which.) How Trevor is going to deal with this sticky situation remains to be seen, but it's sure to be dramatic to watch.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart continues Monday, April 20, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.