'Listen To Your Heart' contestants high-five

So Like, What Kind Of Prize Will The 'Listen To Your Heart' Winners Get?

ABC/John Fleenor

The prize of winning The Bachelor is finding love, but Listen To Your Heart, the new Bachelor franchise spinoff, promises a little more than that. When musicians live together and try to find their perfect duet partner, a few things could develop: a new relationship, a banger, or maybe both. So, what exactly is the prize on Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart? It might just help propel a few musicians to stardom.

Much like any other Bachelor show, the contestants on Listen To Your Heart are attractive, single, and ready to mingle. However, this time, they're also all singers looking to gain success in the industry. Even so, Chris Harrison has said the show is all about love. "Yes, there is a musical element to this, but early on we learned from Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and even Paradise that the foundation has to be relationships and it has to be about love and finding that," he told Refinery29.

In the six-episode season, the musicians go on elaborate dates (Bachelor producers are great at planning those, ya know), and they'll be tested through musical challenges and judged by a variety of celebrity guests. At the end of it all, the couples who create "perfect duet" are crowned the winning duo.

So what will come to the winners of Listen To Your Heart? There's got to be some musically-related prize on the line as well, right?


Harrison and Bachelor producers have kept the actual prize package hush-hush thus far, but they do promise there's something special happening. "They'll have this amazing duet that will earn this prize package that we put together," Harrison told Parade, adding: "I won’t reveal everything that’s in this prize package, but it is to go out and perform, record music, and to become a real duet — a professional singing duet."

With that hint, let's think about what kind of prize a professional singing duet might be interested in: a recording contract, a music video, or a single release, perhaps? Whatever it is, knowing The Bachelor franchise, it'll probably be epic.

Even if the prize package doesn't include any major career-boosting elements, hopefully the winners will at least find love (which is a prize in itself, of course). Plus, win or lose, at least they'll all get new Instagram followers.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart continues Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.