8 Clever Pictures To Take In A Sunflower Field This Fall For A Blooming Feed

Girls like you just wanna have sunflower fields. All summer long, you've been going out for shoots with your besties during the golden hour. You captured those light leaks and scoped out colorful walls around town. This season, your prime location will be places where flowers stretch well into the horizon line. (Even thinking about it has you so excited.) You'll surround yourself with pops of yellow, and pose with every petal. But, you don't want your photos to be basic in any way. Don't worry — I've tracked down some clever pictures to take in a sunflower field, so that your feed is truly blooming at its best.

Essentially, you need to find one giant sunflower that speaks to your soul, and then work all the possible angles. You should wear an outfit that is fairly neutral, or maybe includes some denim. Overalls are always a good idea, but a classic pair of jeans will do just fine. The key is to leave the color up to the sunflowers in the field. (Let's be honest: They're about as bright as it gets, and you don't want to steal their thunder by bringing a bold red into the mix.)

When you post the photo on your feed, you'll want to apply the latest editing trends for Instagram. Give your 'Gram a glow (The sunflowers will help you out with that one.), and then share one of these eight clever pictures with the social media world.

The "Hands In The Sky" Shot
Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

Put your hands up in the air like you just don't care. Being in a sunflower field will surely bring out your free-spirited side. It'll make you want to do cartwheels in corn mazes, and roam to other dreamy places on this planet. Personally, I think that's the essence of summer coming to a close, and something you should capture for social media. All it takes is setting up your camera a little bit farther away and putting on a smile.

The "Sunflowers At Sunset" Shot

What makes golden hour even better? Sunflowers, of course. Those summer sunsets never get old, especially when they leave you with cozy nights hanging by a bonfire. But, instead of watching the sun go down from the shore of a beach, you'll be posing in a lovely sunflower field. Maybe you'll carry a basket of petals with you into the picturesque horizon line, or just let the field melt into a sea of oranges and pale blues.

The "Pucker Up For Petals" Picture

Pucker up for petals, because they're so picture-perfect. Sometimes, you wish you could be a sunflower. They're just so amazing, and naturally look good in every shot. When the lens turns their way, you swear you can see them perk up a bit, as if they're striking a pose. If you freeze in front of the camera, unsure what to do, how about just showing your flower friends some love? That'll do just fine.

The "Pups Amongst The Petals" Picture
Javier Pardina/Stocksy

Any picture is instantly made better when there's a pup (at least in my personal opinion). Pets just bring a whole new level to the photo game, and turn your 'Gram from "kind of good" to #goals. Honestly, your followers may explode from pure joy when they see this photo on your feed, because it's just so beautiful and adorable. Your fluff will hang with the flowers, like the good boy he is. Naturally, you'll be glowing from just how amazing life feels in this moment.

5.The "Sunflower Photobombing A Selfie" Shot
wendy laurel/Stocksy

All selfies should be photobombed by a sunflower — it's only right. Sure, you could pose in the mirror and show off the outfit you wore to the sunflower field. You and your bestie could even turn the camera around and just get a casual picture to prove you were there. But, isn't this shot a little more interesting? Simply find a flower and put a few petals in a corner of the frame. The other half of the photo will be your face basking in the sunshine of late summer.

The "Feeling Moody With The Flowers" Photo
Thais Ramos Varela/Stocksy

Not all pictures in a sunflower field have to be bright. In fact, to really switch up what everybody's already seeing on social media, you may go for a #moodygram.

This sort of shot is all in the editing. After you take the photos and upload them to your phone, you'll want to download an app like Adobe Lightroom. Start the process by bringing down the exposure and bumping up the contrast. You may want to take some saturation out of certain colors, and dim the highlights, as well. When all is said and done, you'll have a sunflower picture that's still as beautiful as ever.

The "Face Or Flower" Photo
Javier Pardina/Stocksy

Remember when people would post snaps saying, "Hot dogs or legs?" Well, this kind of picture is sort of the same thing — sunflower or face? This is a clever way to switch up your selfies and usual poses on social media by using a prop. I encourage you to use a flower that's already been picked, or one from a bunch that you bought at the local farmer's market. After all, you'd do a lot for the 'Gram — but, harming nature is never, ever OK.

The "Focus On The Sunflower Field" Photo
Ani Dimi/Stocksy

When in doubt, post a picture of the sunflower field itself. Especially if there are some rolling mountains in the background, you can't go wrong! At the end of the day, social media should brighten people's days. You want to post pictures that will add a ray of sunshine to someone else's life, and put their worries in the past.

Now, being amongst the sunflowers would certainly do the trick. But, not everybody has a weekend to roam with their best friends and the buds. Take your view and put it on your profile, for a feed that'll truly be blooming at its best.