2 best friends playing hand games in fall

The Fall Activity You Need To Do With Your Bestie, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Can you smell the apple cider and cinnamon in the air? That's right, the coziest season of the year is here, and you're unsure of where to begin. You could start with the #basic activities, like buying your first pumpkin spice latte, or wearing your favorite flannel. At some point, you want to hit up a pumpkin patch or go apple picking. (You have your fingers crossed that there will be enough time for all of this!) Before you start stressing, though, let the universe lend a helping hand. The fall activity to do with your best friend is simple, thanks to your zodiac sign.

Once again, your fate is written in the stars. You've been spending your last few weeks of summer truly worried about squeezing in the sunshine. Little did you know, the planets would come into play. They helped you navigate through Mercury retrograde, and reminded you to snag those cute oversized sweaters you'd been eyeing. Now, you're really prepared to road trip to a winery with your people.

It's always such a struggle to get to everything on your bucket list, especially when you're limited to a few months during the year. But, the universe believes you and your bestie will get your fill of apple cider doughnuts and have yourself a hay ride. According to your star sign, this is the one activity you should be sure to do:

Aries: Ride A Ferris Wheel
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You're always reaching new heights, Aries. You just can't settle for anything that feels average. You continuously push yourself to do better, and challenge yourself to touch the stars. Being on the top of a Ferris wheel this fall will be a pretty good place to start.

You and your best friend have likely already thought about checking out your local fair. You'll go on the swings and get the courage to try that ride that goes upside-down. The Ferris wheel will always be your favorite, though. Something about the anticipation to reach the top gets you every single time.

Taurus: Make An Apple Pie

Having something to do with your hands is your favorite thing, Taurus. This season, you'll go out in the pumpkin patches and get a wagon full of gourds. You and your best friend will roam around the apple trees and pick so many that you'll have to give some away. (What were you thinking grabbing two buckets? Whoops!)

Before you start sharing with family and friends, make an apple pie. You can be quite the gourmet and probably already have a recipe marked in your favorite cookbook. You'll sprinkle in some extra cinnamon and add a hint of vanilla. When all is said and done, you'll serve it to your bestie with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream on the side.

Gemini: Plan A Group Halloween Costume

Gemini, you have a lot of friends. Over the years, you've created quite the crew, and turned strangers into besties for life. So, including everyone in your fall activities will be a must. You'll have group outings to go apple picking, and squeeze everyone into the car for a sweet, late summer drive. Amongst all of your conversations, be sure to plan a group Halloween costume that's one-of-a-kind.

Channel the characters from your favorite romantic comedies, or dress up as the days of the week. Your best friend could be peanut butter and you could be jelly. Starting to get some ideas?

Cancer: Eat Cotton Candy At The Fair

Cancer, you're as sweet as they come. So, according to the universe, you need to indulge in lots of cotton candy with your best friend this fall.

After a long day at the fair, it's the perfect treat. You'll spend your afternoon riding the Ferris wheel and playing all of the carnival games, before hitting up the concession stand. Your best friend will order some of that fried mac and cheese, but you'll go for the snack that looks like a cloud.

Leo: Go To A Football Game

Football games are your forté in the fall, Leo. It's your chance to be part of the bright lights and action, during one of the liveliest times of the year.

Typically, you go to at least one game with your best friends from high school, and reminisce about the days when you cheered for the team. Now, you're in the bleachers, but still quite the social butterfly. You'll catch up with the girls who used to be in your English class, and the guy friends in your crew. Fall isn't your favorite season, but activities like this with your best friends definitely make it better.

Virgo: Go To A Corn Maze
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You love figuring things out, Virgo. There's not a problem on this planet you won't work hard to solve. Sometimes, you forget that life isn't about late nights at the office, or powering through until the weekend. You live by the clock, and set alarms for every part of your day. Slow down and make some memories this season, OK? It all starts at a corn maze.

This is the perfect activity for you and your bestie, because it's fun, but also lets you use your brain. You'll have to navigate using only your inner compass, and likely do some catching up along the way. When you come out the other side, be sure to treat yourself with an apple cider donut.

Libra: Host A Friendsgiving Dinner

Bringing people together is sort of your thing, Libra. You just love when your world feels in sync, and tend to surround yourself with lovely people who don't cause too much drama.

In the fall, you love creating atmospheres with French vanilla candles and friendship. Naturally, you and your bestie need to host a Friendsgiving dinner so you can have all of your people in one place. Have everybody bring a dish, and maybe grab a bottle of wine, too (assuming your 21 or over). Now, does anyone know how to carve a turkey?

Scorpio: Have A Fall Photo Shoot
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Pull out your favorite oversized sweaters, Scorpio. This fall, you and your best friend will want to have a photo shoot. No matter what season it is, you're in the mood to make some memories. You stock up on Polaroids, and look up the latest editing trends for Instagram. You want to remember the days you spent in the sunshine, surrounded by the warmth of your best friend.

When the leaves start changing, go outside and gather them up in a pile. Throw the hues of red and orange in the air, and pose with the pumpkins. Having something plaid in the picture might be a good idea, too.

Sagittarius: Go On A Fall Hike
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The best season to go hiking is the fall, Sagittarius (at least in my personal opinion). It's not too hot outside, and the leaves on the trees are starting to change. The entire Earth seems to have this romantic glow, and you feel like you're on another planet, even though you've wandered just down the road. For a spontaneous soul like you, it doesn't get much better.

You love hopping on planes and going to new places, but you shouldn't forget to explore what's already in your backyard. Take your best friend to the trails, and maybe check out a dreamy waterfall. (If it's warm enough, you could even go for a swim!)

Capricorn: Carve A Pumpkin

Capricorn, you're particularly excited for fall because of all the awesome traditions. There are the afternoons when you go apple picking with your mom, and the Friendsgiving dinners with way too many bowls of mashed potatoes. You'd be lying if you said you haven't already thought about your Halloween costume, or made plans to explore a corn maze. But, the most classic tradition is always carving a pumpkin. You and your bestie will spend a day roaming around the patch looking for one that's just right. You'll take it back to your apartment and find something fun to create on Pinterest. Can this season never end?

Aquarius: Go To A Haunted House

You love any situation that has a lot of energy, Aquarius. You'll adventure into crowds and surround yourself with loud music and bright lights. Some may even call you an extrovert.

According to the universe, you need a fall activity that'll keep you on your toes. You can always expect to run into at least one ghost on Halloween, but a haunted house is really where it's at. This fall, find a spooky spot to go with your bestie, and get up close and personal with the spider webs and (people dressed up as) zombies.

Pisces: Watch Your Favorite Halloween Movies

You're a Pisces, which means you love the colder weather because you can stay in bed. You can snuggle up in your blankets and get cozy with a mug of hot apple cider. In those moments, all of your worries just wash away.

But, this fall, you should make this experience even better by including your best bud. Get a bunch of snacks at the store (like those Halloween Oreos with the orange frosting inside), and cuddle up on your couch. Put on Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and Twitches Too. All of those movies seemingly never get old.