What You'll Miss Most About Your Hometown Friends When You Go To College

The beginning of the school year is right around the corner, which means you're starting to gather all of your stuff. You're packing up your favorite sweaters and combat boots, and of course, you can't forget your curling iron. The only thing you're leaving behind, unfortunately, is your best friend crew from home. Let's talk about what you miss about your home friends in college, because you're not the only one who's feeling bittersweet right about now. These people are your day ones, and they'll likely miss everything about you, too.

You and your crew have stuck together since kindergarten. Back in the day, you'd cause all sorts of mischief, and your teacher would seat you on opposite sides of the classroom. You knew you were best friends when you shared your chocolate pudding and snacks at the lunch table. (Giving up your Oreos is pretty serious stuff, am I right?) Not to mention, you sealed every secret with a pink promise.

Now that you're grown, not much has changed. Although, you may be wondering how in the world you're going to be without your best friends for the next few months. Sure, the semester will be busy and you love going back to school, but is there any way you could squeeze all of your besties into your suitcase? These seven things you'll miss the most about your squad back home. (Don't worry, break and a super sweet reunion is coming soon.)

How They Appreciate Your Sense Of Humor

Shoutout to your best friends back home, who always laugh at your jokes. You could crack the most ridiculous puns or do a terrible impression of Michael Scott from The Office, and they'd still give you a giggle.

When you go off to college, you're still getting comfortable with your new friend group. You may wait to show off your funny side, because you just met these people — like, literally, yesterday. You have so many inside jokes with your day ones, but your new friends wouldn't quite understand those "you had to be there" moments. During breaks, you'll reunite with your crew at home and bring up every inside joke in the books. (Oh boy, did you miss them.)

How They Know Literally Everything About You

When it comes to your college friends, there's a lot of catching up to do. Within the first few weeks of the semester, you'll get the girls on your floor up to speed on your high school stories and how much you hate wearing jeans. You had to let them in on your favorite foods and places to shop.

In those moments, you miss your hometown friends, because they already know everything about you. They know about your crushes and where your past relationships went wrong. They've been there for every major milestone and embarrassing moment in your life, too, so you know they'll understand even your most random references.

How They Call You Out When You're Wrong

Believe it or not, one of the things you'll miss most about your besties is how they hold you accountable. If you're being too blunt or not entirely honest, they're the first to call you out on it. They've known you since day one, so it's not hard for them to confront these situations when it matters the most.

In the moment, you probably hate being told that you're wrong. But, you appreciate that your besties are keeping everyone's best interests in mind. You've become a better friend and person over the years with their help. One day, you hope you'll reach this level with your new friends in college.

How They Listen To The Same Music As You

Your friends from back home listen to the same music as you. In fact, they're probably the ones who introduced you to some of your favorite artists, and all of your favorite songs remind you of a specific memory you experienced with them. You've gone to Taylor Swift concerts together, scream-singed to Boys Like Girls on those epic drives to school, and scoped out all the indie bands that no one seems to know. The first time you heard a song by Tom Petty was in your bestie's backyard, and now you put it on every single playlist.

When you first got to college, you may be shocked that no one listens to The Beatles or Sylvan Esso. You'll play your new friends a few songs, and they might not have the reaction you were hoping for. Only your besties back home could appreciate these artists, so you hand over the AUX to someone else.

How They Love Going For Drives Around Town

Your Saturday nights in college might not be as low-key as cruising around town with your day ones. Some of your favorite memories with your home crew have been made in your car. These are the nights when you could have gotten all dressed up and gone out on the town, but instead, you and your crew squeezed into your truck and hit the road. You'd drive down every street in your neighborhood, and pass by your favorite coffee shops. Somebody would always hook their phone up to the AUX cord, and put on throwback songs that reminded you of middle school. When all was said and done, you'd hit up your local diner for some milkshakes and head home.

How They Come With A Second Family

Growing up, you spent a lot of time at your friends' houses. You'd ride your scooter down the street, and raid their cabinets for snacks. It's only natural that over the years, their families became like your own.

Heading off to college means an entirely new town and set of people, though. You'll miss your besties back home, but you'll be surprised by how much you wish their siblings were around, too. You've come to love their older brother who looks out for you, and have posted more pictures of their dog than you can count on your Instagram. Friends are just the family you choose, right? If only you could bring that entire crew to college.

How They'll Do Embarrassing Things With You

You and your best friends from home will have so many embarrassing moments before you turn 25. But, when you're at college, all you can think about is the ridiculous things you've already done with them by your side. There was the time when you all showed up wearing the same outfit, and the day you got lost and had to call your moms. You all cringe at those moments now, but wouldn't trade them for the world.

At school, you and your friends will make your own embarrassing memories. You'll show up to a party in costume, when they decided not to have a theme at the last-minute. You may even drop your tray in the middle of the cafeteria. No matter what, you'll wish your best friend from home were there with you all, too. You can't help it — they've been there since day one.