These Secrets Will Help You Land Instagram-Worthy Vacation Shots This Summer

Your summer vacation is right around the corner, so it's time to start prepping. I hope you've booked your flights, scored a sweet villa, and purchased a cute swimsuit or two. You're about to have the time of your life and finally cross those travel goals off your bucket list, so get ready. You'll want to enjoy every moment, but you'll also want to capture some epic photos so you can look back on memories of a lifetime. These tips for taking great Instagram photos will definitely help up your Insta game this summer.

How often have you scrolled down a travel blogger's feed and wondered how her photos look like a dreamy magazine spread? Some people are killing the Instagram game, and you're probably wondering how you can channel them this summer. I can't tell you how to be an Instagram celebrity overnight, but I can certainly help you take incredible photos. The key to taking Instagram-worthy travel photos lies in improving your photography skills. It takes practice, but you'll leave your trips feeling more satisfied with the stills you've captured. These photos will live on long after you depart from your trip, and you'll be able to reminisce on these tangible memories for years to come.

Scope Out Your Location
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Instagram-worthy photos take serious planning. Scope out your destination before arriving, so you can decide what kind of photos you want to take. You can use Instagram's location feature to search for inspiration from other travelers or bloggers. The location feature can also be a great resource for discovering Instagram-worthy spots you didn't know existed.

Learn About Lighting
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Lighting makes all the difference when it comes to landing that epic shot. Severe lighting and shadows can ruin an otherwise good photo, so it's always best to shoot in natural light, according to

If you're indoors, pose for photos by a window to capture a solid shot. If you're taking pics outdoors, it's important to remember the sun is at its highest point midday, which can create really harsh lighting. According to Digital Trends, consider taking your photos during the "golden hour" (which is right after the sun rises, or right before the sun sets) to obtain that perfect glow.

Practice Your Poses
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If you're the subject of your photo, you'll need to learn your go-to poses. This will take some practice, but it's so important to get familiar with them. Once you have them locked down, you're more likely to take photos that you actually like. Practice in the mirror or grab a tripod and try out different angles. Move your body around and figure out what you like best so that you can nail your photos every time.

Find Your Inspiration
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Instagram is full of inspiration to help you take some pretty dope photos. There is an overwhelming number of travel influencers and photographers who have perfected their Instagram feeds, so you have examples to help you find your style. You can even search by travel hashtags or locations. Seek out inspiration before you get to your destination so you get an idea of what's possible.

Learn How To Edit
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Learning to edit will take your photos to the next level. Have you ever been frustrated when your camera failed to capture the beauty of what you were seeing in real life? The reality is, according to, cameras typically fail to capture the hues and details that our eyes can see, which makes editing very important. There's no need to over-edit, but you should aim to edit your photos to bring them to life. Skip basic filters and get creative with apps like Lightroom CC or VSCO.

Practice, Practice, Practice
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In all things, practice makes perfect, and Instagram is no exception. You won't become an Instagram sensation overnight, so it's all about perfecting your craft. Continue to practice your poses and experiment with different angles. Establish a unique style for yourself and enjoy the process. After all, photography is all about tapping into your creativity and having fun.

With these tips, you'll leave your summer vacation with good times and the photos to prove it. Start practicing now to up your Instagram game.