Check out these Euphoria filters for photos, TikTok, Instagram, & Snapchat.
The Best Euphoria Filters To Make Your Pics Or Vids Sparkle And Glow

Yes, a glittery eye makeover is included.

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Courtesy of Picsart

Class is in session at Euphoria High, aka East Highland High School, and the first lesson of the day is photo editing. Your favorite photo- and video-editing apps make it so easy to sport all the best makeup looks and lighting effects with Euphoria-inspired filters, so you can live out all your main character fantasies. But before you can graduate from the fictional school, you’ll need to master these Euphoria filters for photos, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Everyone knows there are two key elements that make up the Euphoria aesthetic: neon lighting (specifically the iconic blend of blue and pink), and a glittery, shiny, all-out makeup look. Oh, and don’t forget to add a little bit of blurriness, too. Luckily, you don’t need to be a photo editing expert to get the look, because Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Picsart have added the perfect filters, lenses, and effects you’ll need to pass the Euphoria High vibe check. Here’s how you can use each of the filters for yourself, so you can spend less time precisely placing gems on your eyelids — and more time picking out a seriously eye-catching outfit.


Courtesy of Picsart

Picsart has all the quintessential filters you’d expect from a Euphoria-inspired photoshoot, like glitter makeup, neongradient, and more. To get the look, here’s what you’ll need to do, according to an email from Picsart to Elite Daily.

After you’ve downloaded and opened the Picsart app, select the picture you want to edit. Tap “Effects” and choose between the Noise, VCR2, PRPL1, or PRPL2 filters from the FX category. Tap “Apply.”

To make some personalized edits, tap “Tools,” then tap “Adjust” and/or “Motion” to play around with the lighting and blurriness of the photo. Hit “Apply” when finished.

Lastly, to put the finishing touches on your photo, tap “Stickers” and search for the following effects: Neon Masks⁠, Paper Texture Sticker⁠, or Glitter Sticker⁠. Select as many as you want, tap “Apply,” then hit “Save.”

If you’re looking for inspo for your Eupho-to (get it?), check out this example video here.



TikTok also has a Euphoria filter that takes your surroundings from dull and drab to vibrant and fab. The filter gives your videos that classic blue and pink lighting that Euphoria is so well known for, and here’s how you can use it.

First, make sure you’ve downloaded TikTok. Once you’ve opened the app, navigate to the Discover tab on the bottom of the screen. Because there are so many “Which Euphoria character are you?” filters, searching Euphoria filter in the search bar might make the effect hard to find.

Instead, try searching for the creator who made the filter, @eren.dere. Tap on the star-shaped wand on their profile to see the filters they’ve created, then tap Euphoria.

Tap the red “Try This Effect” button at the bottom of the page, and get to TikTok-ing.



If you love the makeup looks on Euphoria but don’t know how to recreate them for yourself, Instagram has two filters to you can use instead. The first effect was created by @JuliaDudok, and features a glittery under-eye look, sparkles, and the Euphoria logo at the top. The second filter, created by @Maquillar.Studio, changes from a blue-lit glitter eye moment, to a pink runny makeup look.

To find the filters, open the Instagram app and navigate to the Story camera. Scroll all the way to the left of the filter carousel until you’ve reached “Browse Effects.” Tap the circle, then tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner. Search “Euphoria Rue” for the filter with the text or “Euphoria Maquillar.Studio” for the filter without the text.



Snapchat users can join in on the fun, too, thanks to the “Euphoria” Lens created by Snapchat user Stal. To find the Lens, open the Snapchat app and navigate to the camera. Tap the screen to access the carousel of Lenses and scroll to the left until you’ve reached “Explore Lenses.”

Tap “Explore,” then enter “Euphoria Stal” into the search bar. Tap the first option to use the trippy, blurry blue-and-pink filter for yourself.

Once you get the hang of these filters, you can always search for more Euphoria filters on TikTok, IG, and Snap to keep the glow going. Whether you’re looking to enroll at East Highland High School or just want some of that good-good lighting, these Euphoria-themed filters are not to be missed.

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