Zendaya as Rue in Euphoria standing in the living room.

Euphoria Mastered Sad Girl Style In Season 2, Episode 6

Happiness was nowhere to be found, but the ‘fits? They were off the charts.

After the last episode, Euphoria’s Season 2, Episode 6 felt like a comedown. That said, this latest episode still managed to be a lot while also offering a calming break from the week before. To be honest, I may lose it if I have to hear Cassie say Maddy and Nate weren’t dating one more time. But even though everyone had something to say it was Euphoria’s Season 2, Episode 6 fashion and beauty looks that spoke the loudest.

Courtesy of HBO

Rue’s Malcom X t-shirt was a graphic streetwear moment that held so much meaning. To wear the civil rights activist on a shirt while reaching out to Ali for forgiveness was just a top tier costume design easter egg.

Courtesy of HBO