A rare narration shift in 'Euphoria' Season 2, Episode 4 could be a hint at Rue's fate.

This Subtle Detail In Euphoria May Be A Big Hint Rue's About To Die

Where'd you go, girl?

by Dylan Kickham

Things are looking bad for Rue. I mean... they’ve been looking bad for her since the very beginning of Euphoria, but in Season 2, her story has gotten even darker. And it all came to a head in the middle of the season, as Episode 4 ended with a jarring, hallucinogenic scene that seemed to suggest Rue died... or will die soon. So, *does* Rue die in Euphoria Season 2? There’s a big hint in the episode only some fans caught.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Euphoria Season 2, Episode 4. If the fourth episode of Season 2 felt different from past Euphoria episodes to you, there’s a reason for that. Throughout the series so far, Rue has served as the narrator, with her voiceovers being used to describe what each character is dealing with at any given moment. But that changed in Episode 4. Rue did narrate a bit at the beginning, emphasizing her deep love for Jules to the viewers, but as the episode continued, Rue’s narration vanished.

Fans picked up on a solid reason for that: Rue was so high this episode that she couldn’t narrate. That in itself is troubling, considering Rue has been able to narrate every other episode, even when she’s taken tons of drugs. It suggests this is a whole new level of messed-up for Rue.

Another detail made this even scarier. At the end of the episode, Jules began narrating. This could mean that Rue is unable to narrate anymore and now Jules has to take over. Pair that info with the final scene of the episode — in which Rue seems to reunite with her father in an ethereal church that can easily be interpreted as the afterlife — and it all points to Rue dying. Not to mention the Episode 5 promo appears to show everyone crying (possibly in mourning) with no sign of Rue.


However, there are a few reasons to believe Rue isn’t dead yet. During the church scene, the show cut back to Rue slow-dancing by herself in her room, confirming she’s still alive at that point. Fans have also pointed out there are scenes in the Season 2 trailer with Rue that haven’t aired yet, implying viewers haven’t seen the last of her.

That doesn’t mean Rue is safe, though. All these deadly hints could be signaling that Season 2 will culminate in the death of Euphoria’s main character. The season’s already halfway over, so tune in to see if Rue makes it out alive as the final episodes of Euphoria Season 2 air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.