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These viral Instagram poses used by celebs and influencers will take your grid to the next level in ...
These Influencer-Loved Poses For 2022 Will Keep Your Insta On Trend

Everyone from Charli D’Amelio to Kaia Gerber is hopping on the bandwagon.

by Andrea Hannah

Look, we all love to come across a cute, close-up selfie when we’re scrolling through Instagram. While there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple, there are so many Insta poses out there that can add a little more texture to your grid by switching things up. In fact, some of the biggest Instagram influencers have already perfected these Instagram poses that are going viral in 2022.

It seems like people are finding more and more ways to show off both their outfits and their wanderlust-worthy backdrops on Instagram. Each one of these viral Instagram poses finds a unique way to show what’s on you and going on around you. Take the squat pose, for example. Pretty much everyone is doing it, and why wouldn’t they? The resulting photos display your entire outfit, including your shoes, and it’s super flattering.

And then there are the Instagram poses that take a wider view of where you are in the world. From natural settings to art museums and parking garages, these poses for Instagram also help you find a backdrop that vibes with your #aesthetic. And the best part? Most of these trendy Instagram poses only require a single prop, if any at all.

Ready to find the next pose you’ll grace your Instagram feed with? Scroll through these trendy Instagram poses and take your grid to the next level.


The Stairwell Pose


To hop on this viral Instagram pose, head to a local parking garage or a building with a cavernous stairwell. Set up your tripod or bring your bestie with you to snap a few photos of you while you’re coming down the stairs. Bonus points for a bright outfit that pops against the neutral backdrop.


The Car Vibes Pose


The next time you’re in your car, be sure to grab your phone and snap a quick pic. The car vibes Instagram pose is all about being on the go, so throw on that oversized sweatshirt, hop behind the wheel, and post it to your feed.


The Small Mirror Selfie


Just like the name implies, you’ll need a small mirror to do this Instagram pose. A small tabletop mirror, handheld mirror, or even the side mirror of a car all work perfectly. All you have to do is snap a selfie of you looking into the mirror and you’re done.


The Squat Pose


The squat pose has been everywhere on IG, and everyone from celebs to influencers to your BFF is doing it. It couldn’t be easier to do this viral pose; just squat, and have your friend or tripod handy for a quick pic.


The Museum Gaze Pose


Head to your favorite museum to participate in this viral Instagram trend. Once you get there, find a piece of art you love, then ask someone to take a photo of you admiring the piece from behind. Pink heels aren’t required.


The From Above Pose


For this pose, you don’t even have to take a photo of your face at all. Lift your phone high above you and point the camera down. You’ll end up with a full body-length photo, which is perfect for showing off your favorite outfit.


The Watching You Leave Pose


You’ll need a friend to help you take a pic for the “watching you leave” Instagram pose. First, choose a spot that captures your grid #aesthetics. Then, start walking away from your friend with the camera. They’ll snap a pic or two of you from behind that you can post.


The Crossing The Street Pose


Celebs and influencers love a good “crossing the street” photo, and honestly, what’s not to love? This in-action pic shows off your outfit from head to toe. Plus, it’s candid, and also gives a glimpse of where you are in the world.


The In-Motion/Blurry Pose


Perhaps as a way of bucking the “flawless photo” Instagram trends of the past, several Gen-Z influencers are embracing a little mess in their feed. The blurry, or in-motion, pose features a photo that’s taken when you’re moving, giving it just a bit of a blurred edge.


The Scenery Gaze Pose


To do this aesthetic pose, head out to a place with some gorgeous natural scenery. Then, set up your tripod or ask your friends to take a photo of you gazing out at the horizon from behind. Post to Instagram, and you’re good to go.