7 Lazy Sex Hacks That Make Hooking Up Way Hotter, No Effort Required

Sex is great and all, but have you ever been so exhausted that you fall asleep without trying and end up taking the most amazing nap? If you're the kind of person who likes to put in minimal effort and still achieve maximum results, then you'll love these seven sex hacks for lazy people. They require almost no work on your end, yet they'll make hooking up feel totally seamless.

Let's be real, having sex in real life is never as simple as it is in romantic comedies and HBO shows. Off-screen, you've got hair in your face, condom wrappers stuck to your butt, embarrassingly loud headboards, and more minor inconveniences that always seem to get in the way when you're just trying to enjoy yourself.

Sometimes, being lazy isn't a bad thing. You work hard during the day, and when you finally get to be in your bed, you just want to relax. Even when you're having sex, you shouldn't have to put in unnecessary effort. That's where this list comes in.

These seven simple, but effective hacks will set you up for success in the bedroom without you even having to try. OK, you might have to lift a finger (or two) at the beginning, but once you put these strategies into practice, you'll be amazed by the flawless results.

Designate a private drawer close to your bed for condoms, lube, and toys.
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If you're sick of constantly scrambling around to find a box of condoms, or having to remember where you left a specific sex toy, this solution is for you. Set aside a drawer in your nightstand for toys, condoms, and lube. Unbox your condoms beforehand so that you can grab one and go when the time is right. There's nothing like fumbling around with a sealed box of condoms to ruin the heat of the moment.

Having one designated space for your intimate items can also prevent nosy visitors or unaware roommates from happening upon the more private aspects of your life. If you have condoms strewn about your bedroom, it's much more likely that someone will accidentally find one. Plus, pretty much everyone knows not to go snooping through the top drawer of someone's bedside table.

Always keep a hair tie handy.

When you're on top or going down on your partner, long hair can be a huge pain. If you always keep a hair tie on your wrist (or in that drawer I mentioned above), you'll never have to stop the action to find one again.

I totally understand if you're not a fan of the way most elastic hairbands cut off your circulation. Consider purchasing a hair tie bracelet, like these from Maria Shireen. The simple bracelets transform your hair ties into pieces of jewelry, and make them much harder to lose. And if your elastic tends to get tangled in your thick or curly hair during a bedroom romp, try the invisibobble traceless hair ring instead.

Use pillows to your advantage.
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Forget those complicated Kama Sutra positions that require twisting your body in complex ways or moving from the bed to the couch to the floor and back again. Simply stock your bed with throw pillows, and you can use them to change up your angles during sex. Even putting a pillow under your butt in missionary can make it feel like a whole new position. With sex, angles are everything.

Drink more water.
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If you've ever felt particularly dry down there, or unable to produce enough saliva for oral sex, drinking more water could help. Dehydration can contribute to vaginal dryness, fatigue, headaches, and irritability. So if you're ever trying to hook up after a night of drinking and you're just not feeling it, ask yourself how much water you downed in between those vodka tonics. Drinking water makes your sweat smell better, too, because it has a higher water content and less toxins to emit.

The key is to keep drinking water throughout the day. Get in the habit of carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go, and always have a full glass of water by your bed — especially during sex.

Keep your socks on.
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Keeping your socks on during sex is scientifically proven to lead to better orgasms, so why is this still such a controversial bedroom habit for so many people? If you're not totally grossed out by it, consider keeping your socks on during sex. You'll feel more comfortable, stay warm, and look cute and cozy. Plus, it's one less article of clothing you have to take off when getting it on. Really, there's no downside.

Find a sex playlist.

If you've ever been listening to the radio or had your music on shuffle and had an embarrassing song play during sex, you're not alone. Prevent further awkwardness by choosing a go-to sex playlist for future hookups. You can curate your own list of songs or pick one from a streaming service like Spotify. The next time you're in the mood, simply hit shuffle and start the playlist you've selected. Problem solved.

Clean and charge your toys after each use.
Stocksy/Vera Lair

This is the tip that takes the most effort, but your future self will be so grateful to your past self for doing it. Clean your sex toys after each use, dry them off, charge, and store them. Yes, it's a pain in the moment. Yes, you'd rather be relaxing in bed. But when your toys are clean and ready to go the next time you need them, you won't be complaining.

Utilize these suggestions the next few times you have sex, and soon you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

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