5 Sex Moves That Work Even When You're Both Lazy & Exhausted

By Genevieve Wheeler

I'll say it, y'all — sex is exhausting. During a Sex and the City-style brunch once in college, a friend of mine shared that she'd actually fallen asleep in the middle of sex on multiple occasions, and I don't blame her. We've all got enough on our plates, trying to balance career commitments and social lives while staying hydrated and nourished. It's hard enough to find the time and energy to respond to texts, let alone perform like a trapeze artist for your partner in the bedroom. Enter these five lazy sex positions.

Maybe it's been a long week. Maybe you tackled a 90-minute spin class this morning, and one workout was enough. Maybe you're just too tipsy to maintain your balance in bed right now. Whatever the case may be, it's totally cool to want to get it on without having to give it your all. I mean, we can't give 110 percent every day, you guys. We're not Beyoncé.

So, commit these bad boys to memory for the next night (or morning) that you're craving some intimacy with your partner, but feeling tired and lazy AF. They're tender, pleasurable, and hot, but require minimal effort on both ends. Because you deserve a break.

1. The Sofa Straddle

The Sofa Straddle is similar to a lotus-style sex move, but it's done on a sofa, so you've got built-in back support and can therefore put in way less effort.

The penetrating partner sits on the sofa, while the receiving partner straddles them, face-to-face. Hold onto your partner's shoulders or the back of the couch for leverage. You can even keep an eye on the television, if you like.

2. The Tight Squeeze

Perhaps the laziest sex move of all, the Tight Squeeze is very low-maintenance for both you and your SO.

All you've got to do is have the receiving partner lie down on their stomach, legs slightly spread, while the penetrating partner lies on top (resting on their elbows) and enters from behind. If you're the one receiving, feel free to clench your thighs and move your hips in a slow, circular motion if you want to spice this up a little.

3. The Wet Dog

Showering is also exhausting, am I right? Kill two birds with one stone and invite your partner into the shower for a steamy, sudsy morning romp.

The easiest move to use here is simple doggy style — the receiving partner presses their hands against the shower wall, knees slightly bent and body tilted at a 45-degree angle, while the penetrating partner enters from behind. Be sure to snag some lube before jumping in, too (shower gel might seem like a good idea, but that stuff burns).

PS: Can you tell I just came up with that name on the spot?

4. The Wraparound

The name of this move might sound complicated, but I promise it's a piece of cake. While laying face-to-face on your sides, both the penetrating and receiving partner wrap their legs around one another and just grind slowly. It's super intimate, super sexy, and super low-key.

5. The Lazy Missionary

All right, if you're both feeling drained but DTF, just rock, paper, scissors to see who does the work here. Have the receiving partner lie on their back, legs spread, with the penetrating partner on top and entering from above. Let the penetrating partner drop their weight down and lie on top of the receiver, so they're not having to balance and support you both while doing this move.

Try placing a pillow under your back for extra comfort and support, too.

Now all you've got to do is put on some Marvin Gaye and get it on, girls (and, er, try to stay awake?).

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