5 Embarrassing Songs That Real Girls Had Playing When They Lost Their Virginity

by Jamie Kravitz

To help eliminate some of the awkwardness as well as to make the moment more romantic, many women choose to listen to music the first time they have sex. Maybe they make a playlist ahead of time. Maybe they just turn on the radio and hope for the best. Thanks to either the iPod shuffle feature or poor timing on the part of on-air deejays, however, some women end up actually having sex for the first time to a song that is less than ideal. When it comes to songs to lose your virginity to, there are very few perfect choices. As these ladies discovered, though, there are plenty of very embarrassing options.

What's worse, the sweet sound of silence, or an awkward track or movie? I know girls who have had sex for the first time during everything from Storage Wars to James Cameron's Avatar — and even they lived to tell those tales.

Let's be real, here: No one's first time is perfect. Honestly, the most you can ask for is a memorable experience that will one day make for an entertaining story (yes, you will live this down). You may feel mortified in the moment, but as these five girls' stories prove, you'll be able to laugh about the situation later in life.

Was this girl's song selection a dream, or a nightmare? You decide.

I strung together this really romantic playlist of songs for my first time, which was with this guy who lived across the hall from me freshman year. He spent weeks making it very clear to me that he did not want a relationship, and I did my best to ignore him so I could delude myself into thinking we'd be boyfriend and girlfriend soon. I had two separate versions of 'Dream a Little Dream' and an acoustic guitar cover my friend recorded of a Beatles song. I'm pretty sure he rolled his eyes at the music.

— Maggie*, 25

'Do you remember?' Unfortunately, this girl can't seem to forget.

For me, it was 'September' by Earth, Wind & Fire. It was playing through the TV, which had Family Guy on it. The sex was terrible and it took me five years to listen to that song and be able to enjoy it again.

— Alice*, 23

This girl was the only exception, the only exception, the only exception...

'Only Exception' by Paramore. On repeat. The whole time.

— Caroline*, 26

At least this girl's sexy song choice led to a great night's sleep.

'Back to Sleep' by Chris Brown. It was a bit awkward at first because we were just watching Shameless and then things started heating up, so I was like, 'Let’s turn this off.' I put 'Back to Sleep' on and it got us both right in the mood. Let’s just say I slept well that night.

— Kaitlin*, 20

Maybe this girl didn't want to close her eyes, but hopefully she did during her first kiss.

I had my first kiss to 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' by Aerosmith. I know, I know.

— Sarah*, 23

There's no need to delete these tracks from your music library, so stop what you're doing. If you're worried about it, next time you're getting it on, consider picking a playlist specifically tailored to the occasion. Spotify has plenty of selections for every kind of hookup in their "Romance" section — from Silk Sheets to Bedroom Jams. Limiting the track list should prevent any embarrassing songs from playing at inopportune times. And if it does happen, do your best to just laugh it off and keep going.

*Name has been changed.