7 Fourth Of July Road Trips That Are Better Than Going To The Beach With Your Besties

Let's be honest: Everybody is going to be headed to the beach for the Fourth of July. They're going to be packing up all of their s'mores supplies and super cute bathing suits, and spending the day hanging with the waves. But, you're sort of bored with the same old scene, and I really don't blame you one bit. You have all summer to enjoy the sun and surf, but only limited time away from your schedule to hit the road with your best friends. These Fourth of July road trips will be so much better than going to the beach. Dare to be different on this one, OK?

America really is beautiful. There's an endless amount of national parks, and those highways that stretch for miles in the middle of the desert. You could spend weeks in the bustling cities and still not see everything, and the beaches along the California coastline are a must. Where do you even start? I wish I had the answer to that question, but like you, I'm still trying to prioritize my incredibly long bucket list.

The Fourth of July, though, is the perfect time to check some things off. Taking a road trip with your besties is something I think everyone needs to do in their 20s, and you'll likely all have at least one day off of work to get out of town. Consider one of these seven trips to make some new memories.

White Mountains, New Hampshire
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Have you thought about hiking this Fourth of July? Summer is truly the best time to explore our Earth, because everything is green. The trails are fairly busy with people, and you'll swoon over the waterfalls. What more of an adventure could you ask for?

Road tripping to the White Mountains in New Hampshire will be incredibly rewarding, purely because of all the views. You could head up to Elephant Head, or just wander around Mount Washington State Park. When you get outdoors, the opportunities are truly endless.

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky
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When the Fourth of July rolls around, you might want to head to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. Personally, when I think national parks, I imagine all of the red rock in Utah or the starry night skies in Maine. But, this spot is actually one you really won't want to miss, and might change your mental picture of America's natural wonders.

According to the National Park Service, Mammoth Cave is known to be the longest cave system in the world, stretching for over 400 miles of land. Discovering theses caves for yourself will be worth the road trip. Take a guided tour or even camp for a night if you have the time. It'll be an adventure you and your besties will never forget.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time watching reruns of The Office. You want to one day make it to Scranton, but Philadelphia would be quite the sight to see, too.

You'd spend your afternoons walking through Philadelphia's Magic Gardens and getting some sweet snaps for the 'Gram. You could even check out an art museum, or just eat and drink your way through the city for a day. I mean, have you had a cheese steak, yet? Let the road trip begin.

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
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When in doubt, always follow your wanderlust. I think that's a pretty good rule, huh? Especially when you have a few days off, it's necessary to take advantage of that time and seek out new experiences.

For me, Horshoeshoe Bend and the beauty of Antelope Canyon has taken a pretty prime spot on my bucket list. I would love to one day snap vibrant pictures for the 'Gram with the Grand Canyon in the background, or just spend a few days in Page seeing all of the red rock. You can follow a two-day itinerary to see the highlights of the area. It'll quite possibly be the most unique Fourth of July you've had yet.

Portland, Oregon
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Set your sights on the Pacific Northwest if you want to take a road trip with your bestie this Fourth of July. If I'm being honest, there's so much to see and do in this corner of the country. From the coffee shops to the waterfalls, and every donut you'll want to eat in between, you could seriously keep yourself busy for months. But, if you only have a day or two, then pick a few spots you want to see in this city, and have the sweetest adventure.

Particularly in Portland, you'll want to grab a cup of Joe at Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and drive just a bit into the Columbia River Gorge to see Multnomah Falls. I would go back in a heartbeat if I could.

Los Angeles, California
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Let's talk about Los Angeles. This is a city meant for the stars, and one you'll probably want to visit more than once during your lifetime. But, if you're located on the West Coast and have a little bit of spare time on the Fourth of July, consider facing the traffic for a fun-filled day.

You could hike to the Hollywood sign, or just walk down Rodeo Drive and treat yo' self. Maybe you'll even just have a photo shoot in front of the cool and colorful walls on Melrose Avenue. There's no way you'll be able to do everything in one day, but it'll be a jam-packed road trip that lets you leave you worries behind. That's all you really want, right?

Savannah, Georgia
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Get yourself to Georgia for the Fourth of July if you still want to soak up the sun. Savannah, in particular, is located right near the coast, but it's also a beautiful city if you're still looking to ditch the beach crowds in the peak of summer. You'll want to try all of the local cuisine, and even take some time to admire the architecture. Somewhere so quaint and quirky always makes for a very memorable trip.

Especially if you're visiting Savannah for the first time, it's key that you know to stop at Parker's Market Urban Gourmet for the best snacks, and check out the SCAD Museum of Art. America has a whole lot to offer, and missing out on any of it for an average day at the beach this Fourth of July just isn't an option.