7 Unique Spots For Your Last-Minute Fourth Of July Trip, So You Don't Have FOMO

Let's talk about your Fourth of July plans, because fun in the sun is right around the corner. This year has flown by, so I don't quite blame you for being late to the game when it comes to booking a sweet trip for the holiday. Every year, celebrating Independence Day proves to be a great experience. But, this summer, you were seriously hoping to take advantage of those few days off to check something off your bucket list. These last-minute Fourth of July getaways 2018 will make sure that you don't miss out on an ounce of summer. It's not too late to check out an unreal destination, but don't keep putting it off another day.

Seriously, consider this a sign that you need to pack a bag and get going. You and your girls have been looking to take a road trip, but it's truly hard to find a weekend when you're all around. Normally, you'd head to a festive party and play badminton in someone's backyard for the Fourth of July. Nothing will be quite as memorable, though, as a few days spent away with your crew by your side.

I doubt you've considered finding bliss in the beauty of the mountains or even a desert in the spirit of the red, white, and blue. Choosing where to go is the hard part, but these seven destinations will make your last-minute planning pretty easy, so that you don't miss out on any part of summer.

Breckenridge, Colorado
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On the Fourth of July, seemingly everyone you know will be beach bound. They're going to be headed to spots along the coast, and breaking out their bikinis. But, they'll surely be missing out on a spot that may just make for one of the most relaxing retreats, right in the mountains.

According to a press release from, Breckenridge was picked as one of the top destinations for a last-minute trip because of the peace summer travelers can find in this place after its peak season is over. During the winter, Breckenridge, Colorado, is all about skiing, but the sunshine brings parades, bike riding, and lots of trails covered in wildflowers. You'll want to check out the annual July Arts Festival, which will feature more than 100 artists from throughout the United States, and maybe catch some fireworks, too. Sounds unexpectedly festive, huh?

Virginia Beach, Virginia
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If you've been stuck inside the office and desperately need some sun and surf, then head to Virginia Beach. With weather that's always bound to be beautiful and a boardwalk that stretches for three miles, you'll truly never be bored.

According to, this place is a must if you're booking something last-minute because of the area's gorgeous state parks, such as False Cape State Park. There may not be palm trees, but it will definitely do!

Truth is, you've been hoping to put a bit of paradise into your life, but just can't take the time away to get to somewhere tropical. Sure, this beach won't be in Bali or a place where you can get a passport stamp. But, gathering your girls and taking a drive to this sweet and salty destination will be enough. Not to mention, the Stars & Stripes Explosion, a live music performance and fireworks show right by the water, is something you won't want to miss.

Austin, Texas
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Everything artsy is waiting for you in Austin, Texas this Fourth of July. You may have heard of this place because of festivals like South by Southwest and Austin City Limits, and I promise it is worth all the hype. With a lively music scene, it's a city full of energy and electricity, and you'll definitely want to catch at least one show while you're there.

According to's press release, this trip is entirely affordable, with round-trip fares to Austin showing up for under $350 from cities like Chicago. So, it's even in your budget!

Seriously, don't sleep on the amazing barbecue and food trucks that sit on every corner, too. You'll spend your mornings exploring coffee shops, and maybe grab a brew in the afternoon. What are you waiting for? It's already pretty last-minute to book something, and you better believe this is the destination you've been looking for.

Newport, Rhode Island
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Never underestimate the beauty of Newport, Rhode Island. With beautiful beaches and lively, yet quaint, downtown areas that'll keep you coming back summer after summer, nothing quite compares to this spot along the East Coast.

Maybe you'll spend some time checking out the mansions and dreaming about what it would be like to live so lavishly, or maybe you'll stick to shopping and time spent in the sun. Seeing all the yachts sitting in the harbors will be a must, and you might even snag some serenity and feel the sea breeze on the Cliff Walk. Personally, I could really use some rest and relaxation this summer in a place that feels like home. So, let's all go here ASAP.

Joshua Tree, California
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You'll find entirely new adventures in Joshua Tree this Fourth of July. Once again, everybody's going to be headed to play endless rounds of volleyball on their day off. But, you're going to be having a one-of-a-kind experience, while still managing to get sandy in this spot in California.

If you're anything like me, you have every single national park on your bucket list. You're wondering when you'll have time to see them all, and honestly, it's time to just follow your wanderlust and see what's in store. A few days off for a holiday is the perfect time to start checking things off and placing yourself in the sweetest spots Earth has to offer. There may not be any beach bashes in the desert, but I have a feeling this last-minute destination is even better.

Chicago, Illinois
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Set your sights on Chicago for a last-minute trip that'll be quite a daydream. If you're totally in love with traveling, then you've probably had at least a layover in this city already. You didn't make it much past the airport, though, and now it's time to have a real adventure.

You'll want to head to Millennium Park right away to see that legendary Bean, and snap pics for social media along the way. In the afternoon, you'll try a deep-dish pizza and fall in love with the skyscrapers. Even catching a sports game sounds like a good way to spend your Fourth of July, especially in a place that has so much spirit.

Rockport, Massachusetts
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As much as I wish I grew up on the West Coast, there's still a lot of gems that shouldn't go unnoticed on the east side of the country. Rockport, in particular, is one of those picturesque beach towns that has beautiful lighthouses and coastal living. Not to mention, it's not too far from Boston, so you could easily hit up the city on your way.

You may catch a fireworks show in true spirit of the holiday, or spend lots of time walking all over the jetties on the beach. From the ice cream shops that sit by the shore to the boats that stay out at sea until sunset, you'll fall in love with every second of your last-minute Fourth of July getaway.