The 7 Most Relaxing Retreats In The U.S. To Plan For Your Sistermoon

Say "yes" to a sistermoon this summer. You may be assuming that this is something celestial, but for once, the stars aren't involved. In fact, this event is totally up to you and the girl you get to call your best friend and family. Sistermoons are all about celebrating the memories you've made with your main squeeze, and creating new ones so that the bonds are even stronger going forward. You could go camping together, or take that road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway like you've always dreamed. But, these relaxing retreats in the U.S. will actually be exactly what you're looking for, especially since life has been so busy.

Seriously, between work and all of your other commitments, you've barely been able to find free time to spend with your sister. You try to plan long weekends back home, or meet up for a quick lunch whenever you can. Let's be honest, though: That's not nearly enough, and you need a getaway to disconnect from the real world and finally hang with the raddest person in your life.

She's likely been your sidekick for as long as you can remember, and despite the fights over clothes and who had dibs on the car, you still love her endlessly. You've probably taken at least one trip together already, where you left the rest of the fam behind for a long weekend with each other. These seven relaxing retreats will be next on your bucket list, for a sistermoon well-spent.

Check Out The Art Galleries In Santa Fe
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Set your sights on Santa Fe for a relaxing retreat with your sister this summer. Although this destination doesn't necessarily come with an exact plan, strolling through almost 300 art galleries in this city will be a dream for the most artsy duos. Yes, you heard that right: Canyon Road is the street to see with restaurants and rad emerging artists everywhere you look. During your stay, you might want to check out the Georgia O'Keefe Museum, too. When you've had enough of the endless paintings, hit the trails for sunshine and warm weather that will speak to your soul.

Go On A Yoga And Wine Getaway
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Pair your vino with some vinyasa during a getaway that's truly one-of-a-kind. You may already practice yoga, or are a beginner when it comes to tree pose. But, that doesn't mean you can't go on a retreat for your sistermoon that's all about getting centered and sipping on cabernet.

Maybe you'll head to wine country in California with your mat, or find a spot in the mountains so that you don't have any distractions. Having your sister by your side will make this experience even more memorable. Not to mention, you'll leave with endless amounts of zen.

Eat Your Way Through Portland, Oregon
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Not all retreats have to be at spas, and for your sistermoon, you're hoping to check out a new corner of the country and maybe hop on a plane to the Pacific Northwest.

Portland is a foodie's paradise, and you and your sister will love eating your way through the city. You'll stop and get a few rolls at Bamboo Sushi for lunch, and hit up Stumptown Coffee in the afternoon for a cold brew. Don't forget to get something sweet at Blue Star Donuts before heading back to your (probably artsy AF) Airbnb. I promise the raspberry one is everything you are looking for during this retreat.

Take A Boozy Boat Cruise In NYC
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If you and your sister are both 21 and up, then a boozy boat cruise in the city may be exactly what you need for this 'moon. Imagine this: You're cruising right around sunset with a glass of rosé in your hand. You got all dressed up and are experiencing the beauty of the bright lights with your best friend. Sounds pretty picture perfect, am I right?

There are all kinds of rosé experiences you should add to your bucket list this summer, but nothing will beat getting away from the bustling streets and having a wonderful time on the water.

Rent A Tiny House For A Weekend

Growing up, you and your sister got pretty used to sharing spaces. So, renting a tiny, cozy house for a weekend won't be much of a challenge, and rather quite relaxing.

You two will pick a destination in the U.S. and likely search on Airbnb for cute places you'll call home for a weekend. There are ones that are rustic, and others that are more modern-looking from the outside. Personally, I'd got for a tiny house that doubles as a treehouse. Who said walking down Nostalgia Lane was out of the question when it came to sistermoons?

Disconnect At A Spa In Sedona, Arizona

Embrace the red rock and relaxation at Mii Amo in Sedona, Arizona. This spot in the U.S. is already pretty perfect for stargazing, hiking, and maybe even some camping in between. But, if you're looking to seriously unwind with your sister, then getting facials and a deep tissue massage should be the only thing on your schedule. You could take an actual retreat, or just rent a room and focus on your skin care with one of many rejuvenating treatments. Sistermoons call for serenity, so ditch the screens and spend some quality time in the sun and spa.

Hang With The Dolphins In Clearwater, Florida
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This summer, you'll have so many beach days with your sister. You two will pack up your car and drive down to the shore, or maybe check out one of the cute towns along the East Coast. Clearwater should be your top destination, though, purely because you can hang with the dolphins.

Yes, all of our aquatic dreams are coming true, and you already can't wait to see those sweet animals swim through the waves. In the morning, you'll soak up the sun and surf bright and early. But, the afternoon is always about excursions no matter what vacation or retreat you're on. Going dolphin watching with your sister will make this a sistermoon you'll never forget — and a really relaxing one, too!