The Best Beach Towns On The East Coast Will Help You Get Your Fill Of Vitamin Sea

Life's a beach, and this summer you'll be taking trips to the sand and surf as often as possible. You might rent a cute cottage by the shore, or spend your Saturday afternoon swimming and playing beach volleyball. The only thing that could be sweeter than this, is sipping on lemonade and making s'mores with your girl crew right after. You likely have a few local spots along the coast that you travel to in the summer, but is that enough? The best beach towns on the East Coast should be on your bucket list, purely for a dose of vitamin sea.

If you grew up on this side of country, you've likely heard enough about the California coastline. You know that there are piers and boardwalks with Ferris wheels, and palm trees everywhere you look. Sure, the sand can be a bit rough, and the Atlantic Ocean is quite chilly until the weather gets warm, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some pretty awesome beach towns worth seeing this summer. Change up your location, and get refreshed and recharged. This coast has a whole lot to offer when it comes to dreamy and picturesque places, assuming you know where to look.

Hilton Head, South Carolina
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Have yourself the best of beach days in Hilton Head, South Carolina. I first heard about this place when my brother took a vacation there. He couldn't stop talking about the simple beauty of this island a little farther down on the East Coast. Not to mention, he was all about the world-class golf courses and seafood spots.

Personally, I'd rather spend a day biking around the island and soaking in the salt water and sun. It doesn't always take a plane ride to the Caribbean, or even a week in the Pacific Northwest, to find the sweetest parts of summer.

Cape May, New Jersey
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Cape May is filled with shopping you can do on rainy days, and it's home to beautiful beaches meant for a boat. You and your girl crew could stay in a cute bed and breakfast for a night or two, or just grab a hotel room for a much-needed getaway.

Truth is, any beach vacation is bound to end in a lot of memories, and you don't necessarily need palm trees in the background of your Polaroids. Just having your people and a quaint beach town will be enough, especially on the East Coast.

Ogunquit, Maine
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Hit the road for a beach spot in New England that's a little more north. Speaking from experience, the water will be chilly in Ogunquit even in the peak of August, but the sun will be strong, so be sure to pack some sunscreen. (Seriously, I got so sunburned!)

This beach town is full of families going on their summer vacations, and you'll feel right at home almost instantly because of it. Take an afternoon to stroll along the Marginal Way, and maybe grab a lobster roll before heading back home. After all, Maine is known for places like Barnacle Billy's, and every trip needs a foodie experience.

Madison, Connecticut
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When you visit Connecticut beaches, you're actually taking a dip in the Long Island Sound. But, that doesn't mean you can't unwind and let the swells wash all of your worries away. Madison is home to Hammonasset State Park and a beach town that will have you coming back over and over again. There are shops, boats riding out at sea, and saturated sunsets that are the perfect ending to a day well-spent.

You'll want to watch your step, because the sand can be a bit rocky or filled with lots of shells. Maybe you're the outdoorsy type and want to rent a campsite for a night or two, so that you can sleep under the stars with your friends. Is there anything quite as good as a bonfire by the beach? I'll bring the marshmallows!

Watch Hill, Rhode Island
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The ocean is calling your name this summer, and so is all of that wanderlust. You'll find a lot of what you're looking for right in Watch Hill. You may have heard of this beach town settled in Rhode Island before, because it has a rather famous resident: Taylor Swift. Although you'll only be able to see her house from the shore, you'll be imagining what it would be like get that invite to her iconic Fourth of July parties. Your Instagram feed wouldn't be ready for something so legendary.

Provincetown, Massachusetts
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Sitting at the tip of Cape Cod is a beach town you'll truly want to visit this summer. It spotlights loads of art galleries and a very diverse culture. You'll meet so many friendly faces, fisherman, and even authors who are looking to get inspired by the beauty of the East Coast. Spending at least a weekend here, before heading down to spots like Chatham and Mashpee, is a must.

Most beach towns are pretty low-key, just because everyone is looking to relax or lay out in the sun. But, Ptown promises to be bustling with events like Carnival Week in August and Women's Week in October. There's never a shortage of pride or things to do here.

Clearwater, Florida
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Last, but certainly not least, is Clearwater. When it comes to tropics on the East Coast, Florida is about the best you're going to find. You'll be able to experience the teal waters and even some palm trees along the white sand.

You could do some dolphin watching, or hang at the aquarium for a fun day with the fish. When you think of this part of the country, you're likely setting your sights on Mickey Mouse, The Magic Kingdom, and millennial pink treats at Disney World. Who knew there was a beach town and so much vitamin sea that you were missing out on all along?