Every Millennial Pink Treat You Need To Try At Disney ASAP For The 'Gram

Disney has been crushing it with their treat game recently. I mean, have you seen the adorable Pixar Fest goodies at Disneyland right now? It makes sense that it has jumped on the millennial pink train, too. That's right — there are now millennial pink treats at Disney, and I want to try them all. Not only are these snacks the most beautiful hue of pink, but they're tasty AF, too. Needless to say, if you're heading to this magical destination, you need to make it your mission to get your hands on a few of these treats, if not for tasting, at least for the 'Gram.

Your foodie friends will be jealous AF when they see pics of your millennial pink milkshake topped with Mickey marshmallows. You know you can always count on Disney to turn something like a simple cream puff into a masterpiece that is almost too beautiful to eat.

I'm totally here for the millennial pink obsession that's going on. To be honest, I'm already planning my next trip to Disney with my sparkly millennial pink Minnie ears — because the 'Gram would be incomplete without them. (Duh.) Disney has us in that pink state of mind, and there's no going back.

This Millennial Pink Cream Puff Is Too Cute

Who knew a cream puff could be so adorable? This millennial pink treat from Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resorts deserves to have a spotlight position on your 'Gram. Once you've taken enough pics, take a bite and you'll find raspberry Bavarian cream inside. At Disney, the magic just keeps on coming.

These Cupcakes Are So Pretty In Pink

Located at the Polynesian Village Resort, you'll find these cupcakes that are looking so pretty in pink. They might appear like regular cupcakes with pink frosting, but these treats are a paradise dream come true with guava filling inside. This will definitely be the one thing I take with me to a deserted tropical island — or shall I say, desserted?

Bring A Pop Of Pink To Your Feed With This Cake Pop

This Millennial Pink Pop can be found at Disney's Boardwalk Bakery. I want a sweet treat that's dipped in white chocolate, covered in pink crispy pearls, and topped with millennial Minnie ears — and I want it now. BRB, heading to Disney.

You Can't Go Wrong With A Simple Millennial Pink Cupcake For The 'Gram

On your millennial pink journey, take a stroll from the Boardwalk to Epcot where you'll find this cupcake. The vanilla cupcake is filled with a perfectly pink strawberry filling. The best place to snap a pic of this treat is right in front of that iconic Epcot ball we all know and love.

The Roses On This Cupcake Will Have You "Feel[ing] The Love Tonight"

At probably the coolest resort at Disney World, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge (where giraffes roam right outside your window), you'll discover this Millennial Pink Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake. Real talk: Raspberry and chocolate go together like Simba and Nala from The Lion King. I'm totally "fee[ling] the love tonight," and that's because I'm so in love with this cupcake.

A Cupcake For The Chocolate Lovers

Disney is not only the place to be for millennial pink treats, but is it the place for millennial pink cupcakes. Seriously, there's a cupcake design and flavor for just about anyone, so if you're a chocolate lover, you need to head on over to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort. Here, you'll find this chocolate cupcake that is magically filled with a raspberry marshmallow filling — yum!

Cheers To A Millennial Pink Disney Vacay

Sip, sip, hooray — you're at Disney. If you're 21 and up, this Millennial Pink Champagne at Disney's Springs is a must for your trip. Caption your Champagne pics with "feelin' bubbly" or "sparkle like champagne," and then enjoy.

This Millennial Pink Piñata Is Here To Party

These chocolate piñatas are also sold at Disney Springs. This dark chocolate dome is filled with strawberry crispy pearls and vanilla bean marshmallows. Once you crack it open, you'll find tons of fun inside. It's almost too pretty to break, but you need to see and taste what's inside.

This Strawberry Shake Is Too Sweet To Pass Up

Disney Springs is where it's at for millennial pink treats. You may have thought you saw it all with the cupcakes and Champagne, but at Vivoli il Gelato, they're serving up a Millennial Pink Shake that has everything you could ever want for the perfect foodie pic.

This shake has a strawberry sorbet and banana gelato mixed together, and is decorated with a white chocolate dipped waffle cone, strawberry sauce, pink sprinkles, strawberry pearls, and a fresh strawberry to top it all off. I'll have two, please!

This Millennial Pink Milkshake Is The Definition Of Instagrammable

Seriously, this pink treat was made for the 'Gram. The strawberry milkshake is topped with cotton candy and Mickey marshmallows for the sweet tooth lovers of the world. Cotton candy, marshmallows, glitter — oh my! You'll find this beauty at the Magic Kingdom, so get your camera ready to snap away before you sip.