You Need These Millennial Pink Things For Your Disney Trip To Upgrade Your Instas

I'm not being dramatic when I say millennial pink is literally everywhere. Nowadays, you really have to hop on the pink fad, because it's the real deal. I don't know about you, but I fall even more in love with the color whenever I see it someplace new — so count me on board. I'm not the only one thinking pink, and now Disney has started selling some millennial pink things that all of us need in our lives — pronto. Just like the beloved rose gold trend, Disney has recently announced a new millennial pink collection that you'll fall head over heels for.

I definitely want to add the sequined Minnie ears to my collection, as well as the millennial pink jersey. We'll pretty much all be like Ariel, but instead of "gadgets and gizmos a plenty," we'll have millennial pink things galore. These new Disney items aren't the only pink things you can snag for your next trip to the "Happiest Place On Earth." Here are seven more millennial pink things to add to your suitcase for your next magical getaway. It'll be easy to pick out your park outfits each day when you're so color-coordinated. Just don't forget to snag a pic of you with all your gear in front of the castle, because you'll be looking like a millennial pink princess ready for her own happily ever after.

Upgrade Your MagicBand To Millennial Pink Status

Disney Parks MagicBand 2 — Millennial Pink, $12.99, ShopDisney

If you've visited Walt Disney World recently, you know it has upgraded the whole ticket and FastPass system to MagicBands. These are basically your keys to the entire world, but all in one cute, colorful band. In the parks, you're able to purchase specialty MagicBands with different colors and characters to make yours totally unique to you. So, snag this millennial pink one to complete your pink vibe.

Shine With These Sparkly Pink Minnie Ears

Pink Sequin Mouse Ears, $29+, Etsy

Everyone knows that wearing ears is a must for your Disney trip, so you need to come prepared. Millennial pink ears will truly make your entire outfit come full-circle, and let's be honest — you'll capture the most magical pictures in these sparkly gems. Snag these pink sequined ears so you show up in style.

These Pink Minnie Ears Are Lit

Minnie Mouse Made With Magic Ear Headband, $28.17, ShopDisney

These Minnie ears are perfect for wearing at night as your stroll around the Magic Kingdom, because they light up. They even have an extra bit of that Disney magic, because according to ShopDisney, the ears sync up to some of the park's night shows, such as World of Color and Fantasmic! When you wear them, it's like you're also a star of the show.

Be Prepared To Meet Your Favorite Characters With This Pink Autograph Book

Disney Autograph Book Rose Gold Glitter, $22, Etsy

One of the greatest parts about visiting Disneyland is getting to meet the characters you've grown to love. You definitely want to get a pic for Instagram, but you also need an autograph book to snag their signatures as well. Collect as many as you can in this millennial pink book that you can have personalized with your name. Use the book as a travel journal as well to jot down all of your epic adventures.

This Pink Churro Pin Is Making Me So Hungry

Millennial Pink Churro Pin, $8, Etsy

Pin trading is huge at Disney, and everyone will be eyeing yours if you have this millennial pink churro. Designed after the tasty treats you can get in the park, you will definitely have something no one else does. If you're wearing this pin, then you have to get a pink churro from the cart by the Sleeping Beauty Castle and take a picture with both. It's mandatory.

Get Totally Dapper With This Disney Brooch

Pink Disney Brooch, $14, Etsy

If you're planning your Disney trip around Dapper Day, then you definitely need this Disney 'D' brooch for your outfit. It will not only look super classy, but it'll bring out some of those retro Disney vibes. I'm totally digging the pink sparkles as well, because who doesn't love adding some sparkle to their outfit?

When You're "All About Millennial Pink," You Need This Button

Tangled Millennial Pink Button, $4, Etsy

Disney is all about celebration buttons. It has some for your first visit, your anniversary, family reunion, birthday, or celebrating just about anything. Get this Disney-inspired button that perfectly sums up that you're "all about millennial pink," and you're set to slay it.