Pixar Fest Is A Thing & These Treats Will Give Your 'Gram All The Wanderlust

If you're anything like me, you're counting down the days until Pixar Pier makes its debut at Disney's California Adventure. In June, the old Paradise Pier will be no more, and in its place will be a cool Pixar-themed boardwalk of rides, shops, and food. In anticipation of the big change — and in celebration of the new Incredibles 2 movie coming out this summer — Disneyland is celebrating with a Pixar Fest all summer long at both Disneyland and California Adventure. Yes, that's right — Pixar Fest Disneyland is a thing and you know there are a ton of treats you need to snag from the festivities.

It just wouldn't be Disney without food, and food that is not only delicious, but adorable AF. All of your favorite Pixar characters are making an appearance, from Finding Nemo's Dory to the adventure-seeking Russell from Up. You'll surely find something from your favorite movie, and honestly, these new Pixar-themed treats are almost too cute to eat. Just looking at these pictures of the various snacks will have you saying, "Awe." So, remember to snap a pic of your treat for the 'Gram before munching away, and then "just keep swimming" your way through the epic Pixar Fest now through Sept. 3.

You Need An Adorable Alien Candy Apple

These Alien Apples from Toy Story will have you saying, "The coooore," because you ate them so quickly you've reached the core. Find these little green men at the Candy Palace on Main Street, U.S.A. right when you enter Disneyland. Get 'em now, because the Alien Apples are only available through June 22. Don't worry, though, because they'll be replaced by an adorable Alien Cake Pop on June 23 that you'll also be "eternally grateful" to taste.

These Buttercup Apples From 'Toy Story' Are On Point

Everyone is in attendance at Pixar Fest — even Buttercup the unicorn from Toy Story 3. If you're a tad unicorn-obsessed like me, you'll fall in love with this magical candy apple. Not only is it cute AF for the 'Gram, but this apple is covered in lavish white chocolate and adorned with marshmallows, colorful sugar, and a corn chip horn.

You'll Find Yourself Eating These 'Finding Nemo' Cake Pops

These Finding Nemo cake pops are almost way too cute to eat — almost. I know, I know — "fish are friends, not food" — but it's OK to take a bite out of these fish, because they are actually chocolate cake pops covered in white chocolate.

We Found Nemo And He's A Candy Apple

If the turtle from Finding Nemo, Crush, were here right now, he would tell you these Nemo and Dory candy apples are "righteous." He's not wrong at all. The candy apples dipped in white chocolate and decorated with marshmallows will have you longing to swim the East Australian Current.

The best part about these apples is they are available at Marceline's Confectionery in Downtown Disney, so you don't even need to shell out the money for a park ticket to get some serious Pixar sweets.

Race On Down To Get These 'Cars' Candy Apples

If you're a fan of Cars Land at California Adventure, you need to make a pit stop for some Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater candy apples. It'll be a hard decision choosing between the two car pals, but I'm leaning towards the Tow Mater one which is covered in milk chocolate and orange powder for a citrus-y sweet treat.

These chocolate covered apples are only available through June 22 at Trolley Treats on Buena Vista Street, so you better speed up to get them.

Eye Am Screaming For Some Mike Wazowski Treats

Every Monsters, Inc. fan needs to get their hands on a Mike Wazowski crisped rice treat. Honestly, the Rice Krispy Treats are my favorite snacks to get while at Disneyland, so you know I'll be adding this one to my Instagram.

"I Have Just Met You And I Love You," Dug Cake Pop

Who could forget this adorable talking pup from Up? Well, now you can get your very own Dug at Pixar Fest. This chocolate cake pop is absolutely pawfect, and will be available at the Candy Palace starting on June 23.

Adventure And Cake Pops Are Out There

I relate a lot to the character of Russell, because just like him, I believe "the wilderness must be explored." Though, replace wilderness with a treat shop, and that's where you'll find me. The treats must be explored, and here I come, trying to eat everything I can at Pixar Fest. Add an "eating sugar" badge to your sash starting June 23 with this Russell cake pop.

A Grape Soda Cake Pop Will Help You Get Through The First Scene Of 'Up'

Only sugar can help you get through that emotional beginning of the movie Up. Seriously, it makes me cry every single time. Now you can get your very own Grape Soda just like Carl and Ellie with these grape cake pops. That's right — these cake pops are grape-flavored.

It Just Wouldn't Be Pixar Without The Ball

For a Pixar Fest, the iconic ball must be in attendance. Not only can you get your hands on a Pixar ball candy apple, but there are also Pixar ball cake pops. This is the one treat that's necessary for your Pixar Fest adventures when you document them on the 'Gram.