7 Clues Becca Kufrin & Garrett Yrigoyen Might Have Broken Up Already

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Ever since Garrett Yrigoyen showed support for police officers amid protests over police brutality, his future with Becca Kufrin has been the subject of discussion among Bachelor Nation. The Bachelorette alum is no stranger to controversy, but fans suspect his June 4 Instagram post might be the final straw for his fiancée. Though the couple has yet to confirm a split, there have been several clues Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen have already broken up, and IMO, the evidence is pretty compelling.

The latest theory: Kufrin might be waiting to announce their breakup on Aug. 6, which is exactly two years after the Season 14 finale of The Bachelorette aired and which would reportedly allow her to keep her Neil Lane engagement ring according to ABC's rules. (Elite Daily previously reached out to ABC, as well as Kufrin and Yrigoyen, for comment on the theory but didn't hear back in time for publication.)

Right when Season 14 of The Bachelorette kicked off in May 2018, former Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey brought to light some of Yrigoyen's previous Instagram activity, which included likes on transphobic posts about boys wearing makeup and Caitlyn Jenner's transition, and a conspiracy about the Parkland shooting survivors, among other topics. Yrigoyen apologized and Kufrin continued to stand by her fiancé. Wherever these two stand now, it's clear Yrigoyen's views have added strain to their relationship.

Here are some hints these two might be done for good.

Kufrin Gave A Troubling Relationship Update On June 16
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Though Kufrin initially stood by her fiancé after his June 4 Instagram, she changed her tune during a June 16 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, which she co-hosts with Rachel Lindsay. "For those who are curious about my relationship with Garrett at this point, all I can say right now is that I don't know," Kufrin said. "I can't give anything more than that. It's something that we are trying to work through and discuss and do work on at home at this time and that's where the work will remain and that's really the best I can give you at this point."

Ben Higgins Hinted At A Breakup On June 18
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Two days after Kufrin said she didn't know the fate of her relationship, Ben Higgins seemingly spilled the beans during a June 18 interview with Us Weekly. "It hurts because I know how good they can be, and I know how hard this situation is for them," Higgins said of the drama, later adding that "any time relationships end, it’s tough. But I also know that you need to be with somebody that, morally, you agree with."

Kufrin Left California For Minnesota On June 29

According to Us Weekly, Kufrin reportedly flew from California to her native state of Minnesota on June 29 with Minno — the dog she shares with Yrigoyen — in tow. Soon after, it became clear from social media posts that the two spent Fourth of July weekend apart, as Yrigoyen spent the holiday with his family.

Kufrin Said She Felt "Tested" By Breakup Rumors On July 7

During the July 7 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Kufrin admitted to Lindsay she was struggling amid the breakup rumors. "It was easy sailing, and now I look back just to a couple of months ago and I feel like I was at a totally different place in my life, like, a completely different mindset," she said. "With everything happening, I feel like I'm being tested. I'm learning a lot more about myself and my friends and my family and just having new conversations that I've never had before in my life."

Kufrin Didn't Attend Yrigoyen's Friend's Wedding On July 18

According to Us Weekly, Yrigoyen attended a friend's wedding in California on July 18, and the next day, Kufrin posted a pic of herself with her niece in Wisconsin, suggesting she didn't attend the nuptials with her fiancé. When a troll took to the comments section to say how "disappointed" they were with Kufrin, she replied, "I'm SO sorry that by me spending an afternoon with my niece makes you upset." Another hater commented, "Some girls just self destruct in relationships," and to them, Kufrin said, "OMG please write an advice book for all of us girls who apparently can’t handle ourselves in our own relationships."

Kufrin Was Spotted Without Her Ring On July 21

During the July 21 episode of Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, fans noticed Kufrin wasn't wearing her engagement ring. Reportedly, Kufrin had also been spotted without her ring in recent IG Stories as well.

Rachel Lindsay Slammed Yrigoyen On July 29
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While chatting with Danny Pellegrino on a July 29 episode of his Everything Iconic podcast, Lindsay didn't hold back when asked how she felt about her friend's fiancé. Though she refused to comment on Kufrin's relationship status with Yrigoyen out of respect for her privacy, she did say Yrigoyen's controversial comments made it clear he's a "piece of sh*t."

Will the ring theory pan out? Fans will just have to wait until Aug. 6 to see.