6 Mantras To Recite After You Get Ghosted To Remind You That You Deserve Better

Dating is great, but ghosting? Ghosting is not. In fact, ghosting sucks. When a person you were talking to or casually dating completely falls off the face of the planet — no texts, no calls, no DMs, no explanations — it's easy to feel disappointed.One day you and this person are hanging out and grabbing drinks, and the next, they're barely answering your texts, if at all. But that's when positive self-talk is the most essential. These mantras to recite after you get ghosted are here to remind you that you deserve so much better.

When something that we really wanted to work out just doesn't, it's easy to blame ourselves and wonder what we did wrong, when in fact, we didn't do anything wrong at all. When someone chooses to ghost you, it's truly their loss. And besides, do you want to be with someone who doesn't have the courtesy to tell you why they weren't feeling it anymore? Maybe they weren't brave enough to be honest with you and tell you they just weren't interested, or they didn't feel that spark of chemistry and didn't want to hurt your feelings. Regardless of their reason for disappearing on you, it's not nice, and it's normal to feel disappointed or sad. (Especially if everything seemed to be going really well.) So, if ghosting's got you down, try reciting these six mantras to help you get back to your usual, fun-loving self.

I am a total catch.

Get ghosted can make you doubt yourself, but whoever this person is does not deserve to make you feel bad. You are amazing! And if someone doesn't want you in their life, and isn't kind enough to tell you honestly, then thank u, next.

It's their loss, not mine.

While it may feel like you're the one losing after being ghosted, trust: You're not. The person who ghosted you is! They're losing the chance of having you, a total catch, in their life. Their loss!

It wasn't meant to be.

If someone ghosted you, try to remind yourself that it probably wasn't meant to be anyway. The person who it is meant to be with will show you so much more kindness and respect. So do not worry, and try to be thankful that you dodged a bullet, instead!

I am enough.

You are a strong, independent, fierce person, who doesn't need anyone to be complete. If you got ghosted, you're going to be more than OK, even if in this moment it doesn't feel like that. You were happy before this person came into your life, and you will be happy again after.

I am not alone.

The great thing about having family and friends? They're there for you no matter what and love you unconditionally. If this ghoster's really got you down, lean on the people you love for love and support. Remember: You have people in your corner.

I deserve better, and I'm going to get it one day.

What better way to remind yourself you deserve better than showing yourself, too? Indulge in some self care. Take care of your mind and your body, and remind yourself that you are so worth it.

While being ghosted is definitely hard, especially if everything seemed to be going perfectly, this too shall pass. Reciting these six mantras can do wonders for your healing post-ghosting. It's all about positive reinforcement, my friends. You got this.