8 Memes About Ghosting That Prove You're Not The Only One Who's Been Left In The Dark

There's no way to sugarcoat it folks: Getting ghosted is one of the worst things ever. I would even argue that getting ghosted by someone you were really vibing with can be worse than breaking up. At least when you've decided to call it quits with someone, you have an idea of why things didn't work out. (Aka, closure.) Unfortunately, when a potential new bae disappears into thin air just when you were getting your hopes up, the confusion can be agonizing. That's why these memes about ghosting are too real.

The sad truth is that ghosting has become a pretty normal part of dating culture. It's like, why can't ghosters just pony up and send a wishy-washy text about how they "aren't looking for something serious" but are "still down to hang" like the rest of us? I mean, to be fair, most of us have also been on the other side of things — when the thought of cutting someone loose just seems so daunting, and after a certain amount of time has passed, having a breakup convo just seems agonizingly redundant. Thankfully, there are endless amounts of memes on the topic of ghosting that are here to dry our collective tears of rejection.

Like this one that speaks to the ghosters who are secretly obsessed with your life.
eddiecamacho on Twitter

Some mysteries really do make you wonder what is going on in the world — and let me tell you, trying to figure out why the flame that never responded to your text(s) after weeks of dating is the first to watch every single one of your Insta stories is quite the riddle.

Or this one about how cuffing season is the perfect time to strike.
sydneyywalllace on Twitter

If we're being honest, few things are spookier than thinking you have a partner, only to wake up a week later and realize you were, in fact, mistaken. Ghostings that occur in the thick of cuffing season are particularly perplexing. PSA: I wasn't looking for a life partner, just a Netflix and ~chill~ buddy.

Let's not forget the rubber-band ghosts.
buzzfeed on Instagram

You ghosted me, I was pissed about it, and just when I was about to delete your number... surprise! Look who's back. As someone who's fallen for the "I'm so sorry, I've just been so busy" reconciliation text, consider this your warning: They will ghost you again.

Celebs get ghosted too right? Wrong.
daddyissues_ on Instagram

What do I have to do to be Hailey Baldwin?

This is so real.
mytherapistsays on Instagram

It's basically a fact that the longer you date someone, the more troll-like it is to ghost them. And yet, that still doesn't stop some people from ghosting the SOs they've been with for years. So, I guess having someone new drop off the face of the earth after two weeks is far from the worst case scenario, but of course, it still sucks.

This is like a separate level of ghosting.
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

If I'm going to take the time (usually hours) to apply for a job, it would be so amazing if I could get a simple "Thanks, but no thanks," email. Literally, anything. We're all busy, I get it. In a pinch, even a single email with the word "No" would do. (OK not really but you know what I mean.)

The spooky d*ck phenomenon is real people.
gaybestfriend on Instagram

There Saturday night, gone Sunday morning — all before you even had the chance to woo them with your killer pumpkin spice pancakes. Whelp, their loss.

Sometimes you just get way too excited, way too soon.
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

Few things are as humbling as gleefully boasting about how you've finally met the perfect bae for you, only to get left on read after a week. Something terrible must've happened, right? It's unreasonable to expect them to respond to your triple text when they're dealing with something rough, right? Right?

Sadly, the truth is, that's probably not the case. No matter which way you slice it, dating someone who ends up high-tailing it out of your life at the speed of light can be utterly deflating. The coulda, shoulda, woulda's associated with never getting closure can be brutal, but at the very least, you can be certain that if they weren't nice enough to give you the courtesy of a polite rejection, they probably weren't worth your time anyways. Sayonara!

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