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Did West Elm Caleb design this couch?
These Tweets About West Elm Caleb Will Make You Feel So Seen

Even if you haven’t dated him.

West Elm + Twitter/enerianna

Step aside, Couch Guy. West Elm Caleb is TikTok’s new favorite (or least favorite?) villain, and the discourse on this 6’4” furniture designer is heated. According to several TikToks, Caleb Hunter, 25, is a prolific dater in New York City, and he exhibits almost identical patterns with all of the women he dates. It’s not a good habit, either. Apparently, dating Caleb goes something like this: you match on a dating app, talk for a few days, Caleb love-bombs you, and then eventually ghosts. Of course, that kind of toxic dating behavior isn’t too unusual. The extraordinary part of this story is how the women managed to put two and two together in a string of viral videos, and Twitter knows it. Truly, these tweets about West Elm Caleb and the TikTok investigation he inspired are incredible.

So if the West Elm Caleb situation makes you want to cry about the perils of online dating, these tweets might be the perfect antidote. Whether they’re applauding the detective work on TikTok or poking fun at Caleb’s artsy job title (is he responsible for this v chic sofa?), Twitter knows how to find humor in every situation — even the toxic dating kind.

Take a break from doom-scrolling and please enjoy Twitter’s best reactions to West Elm Caleb.

This Tweet About Other Furniture Designers

If this West Elm Caleb saga taught us anything, it’s that you should be selective about who you date.

This Tweet About Caleb’s Exes Finding Each Other

Girls support girls — especially when those girls share the same love-bombing ex!

This Tweet Making An SNL Prediction

Someone call Lorne Michaels, please. This needs to happen.

This Tweet About Enjoying WECTok (AKA, West Elm Caleb Tok)

Is there anything better than gossip that doesn’t directly impact your life?

This Tweet About How This All Feels Like One Big Sociological Study

Honestly, if there was an academic paper about this, I’d read it.

This Tweet About Caleb’s Go-To Music

As the legend goes, Caleb sends almost every woman he’s dating the same Spotify playlist, claiming he created it just for them. Apparently, he duplicates the same collection of songs over and over again. If you’re wondering, he’s a huge fan of The Smiths.

This Tweet Making An Apt Comparison

Was John Tucker Must Die Caleb’s villain origin story?

This Tweet About Feeling Disillusioned

Online dating is intimidating enough without knowing just how bad it can get out there.

This Tweet About A Narrow Escape

It seems like every woman in NYC has at least seen Caleb’s profile on a dating app, even if they never matched.

This Tweet About Being Fully Invested, No Matter Where You Are

WECTok isn’t just taking over For You Pages in New York City. Plenty of people have seen the videos and commiserated with the women while still being miles and miles away from Caleb’s dating app location preferences.

This Tweet About The Investigative Skills

Uncovering Caleb’s messy dating history was a steep task. Fortunately, TikTok detectives have plenty of practice in connecting the dots.

Who knew one f*ckboy wild dating history could unite the entire internet? BRB, exploring the feminine urge to date a furniture designer.