24 Flirty Christmas Texts To Send Your Crush That'll Make Them Blush

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There's no better Christmas present for your crush than a flirty text. It's non-committal, comes in every size, and can be super last-minute. (Like, day-of last-minute.) If you're stressing to think of something clever, sultry, yet still festive, worry no more. Here are 24 flirty texts to send your crush on Christmas 2019 that are hotter than genderless gingerbread cookies fresh out of the oven.

Whether you're cuffed up or on the prowl, winter is the perfect time time to stay in bed with someone special and find ways to keep warm. If you and your SO can't spend the holidays together, don't spend too much time feeling bummed and send them a sweet message on Christmas morning instead. If sparks have just started to fly with a new cutie, let them know they're on your mind with something naughty and nice. Once your halls are decked and your bells are rung, hitting "send" on that spicy message can be a surefire way to get your love burning like a warm winter hearth.

So wrap your gifts, charge your phone, and get ready to text your boo — perhaps under the table. These 24 flirty Christmas messages are not for Grandma to see.

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1. Have you been good this year?

2. Send me a pic? I want to show Santa what I want for Christmas.

3. Are you a flying reindeer? 'Cause you sleigh me.

4. You must be an evergreen, 'cause you look banging all year 'round.

5. Santa's busy. Can I sit on your lap?

6. Hmmm... checking the naughty list, and yup, you're on it.

7. I'd love to wake up and find you in the morning.

8. If you jingle my bells, we can totally go all the way.

9. I wanna lick you from your head to your mistletoes...

10. Just heard about The Stocking Stuffer. Should we try it sometime?

11. Yeah, I tied all the bows on the presents. I'm pretty ~knotty~.

12. A night with me would be not-so-silent.

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13. I'd like to get laid under the tree.

14. That ugly sweater looks itchy, let's take it off.

15. You're on my list, and I've checked you (out) twice.

16. The stockings are hung, I hope you are too.

17. Screw a white Christmas — I want it red hot.

18. Unlike Santa, I come more than once a year.

19. Did you get that outfit on Black Friday? 'Cause I want it 100% off.

20. Ever do it in a sleigh?

21. Are you looking for a gold star? Cause I shine best when I'm on top.

22. Let's go out next week, I promise I won't (snow)flake on ya.

23. I bet I know a few things you want for Christmas.

24. Are you a candy-cane, cause I think we were mint to be together.

Of course, a classic "Merry Christmas" works too. Or if your crush celebrates Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another winter holiday — a message of general winter cheer may be appreciated. A flirty Christmas text can be a silly way to break the ice and start heating things up. And who knows? If you tell your crush how you feel, they may make it the most wonderful time of your year.

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