If You're Still Single AF & Need A Good Laugh, Here Are 6 Memes About Cuffing Season

Look, I get it: Time got away from you. Between planning your epic Halloween costume, catching up with your hometown besties over Thanksgiving, and carefully crafting your Christmas wishlist, you kind of got distracted, and now you’re still single AF. But cuffing season does go on without you, and ICYMI — it’s in full effect. Just look to the many memes about cuffing season for proof that this phenomenon is here to stay.

First thing’s first. If you don’t know what cuffing season is, it refers to the fact that the most popular time to couple up tends to be around October. Go ahead, scan your social media feeds — it's a safe bet that Instagram has been peppered with pics of smiling couples picking out pumpkins, attending swanky soirees, ice skating, and cozying up by the fireplace with a couple of hot toddies. And it’s no surprise, either. Having a boo between November and February means you have a date for the office holiday shindig, someone to smooch while ringing in the New Year, and a snuggle partner for those frigid Friday nights when you can’t be bothered with putting real pants on and going out.

Basically, cuffing season is impossible to ignore. So regardless of whether you’re still single, just started seeing someone, or are already in a full-on serious relationship, these super relatable memes should sound familiar.

'Sup, Summer Babies
1andonlykatelyn on Twitter

August minus nine months. You do the math.

I call little spoon.
kreebeau on Twitter

What's cuffing season without some couch cuddling? The two just kind of go hand in hand.

Any day now...
schmavian on Twitter

Back in mid-September, life was easy breezy as you coolly and casually assessed your cuffing options. Then Thanksgiving happened, and you're over here wondering, "Where TF are they?" Total #panicmode. Patience is a virtue, my friends.

#NoPants November. It's a thing.
spongebob_cult on Twitter

Oh, so you didn't know what Netflix and chill really means? You thought I was actually interested in watching this niche documentary about coral reefs? Awkward.

Oops, it's December.
the_digits_game on Twitter

Those freak 70-degree days really fooled you, huh? Now the pressure is on.

If scaring them off were a sport, I'd be in the pro leagues.
boogdown on Instagram

"Hi, wanna be in my life for the next few months? No? That's cool, too."

The wintertime is all about #hibernationmode, and who doesn’t want some company for all that Netflix bingeing? As a result of this trend, you may find yourself participating in some out-of-character behaviors. You know, like furiously swiping through your dating apps till the wee hours of the morning, texting your ex (oops), or finally agreeing to go on a date with that guy Gary your GF won't shut up about setting you up with.

Essentially, there's no stopping cuffing season, folks. That doesn't mean you're required to lock down a bae immediately — but it does mean you'll have to accept the fact that your social media feeds will be chock full of posts with the hashtags #couplegoals, #hesmine, and #instalove. If you're perfectly content being single this cuffing season, more power to you. But there's no shame in wanting someone to spoon you while you're watching The Handmaid's Tale and cooking some vegetarian chili in your new crockpot, either. To each their own, as they say. And if you're getting tired of seeing so many smitten couples smiling back at you on IG (and cruelly drawing attention to your singledom), find reassurance in this little fact: clearing season is coming.