9 Tweets About Cuffing Season That Are Painfully Relatable If You Wanna Couple Up

If you're single, these days you might find a few extra DMs than usual in your inbox, or have a few more matches than normal on your dating apps. Yes, it's because you're amazing, but it also could be due to cuffing season. Whether you're embracing cuffing season or avoiding it like the plague, it's here — so I've rounded up a few tweets about cuffing season 2018 that might make you cringe, think "ugh, same," or perhaps even smile.

It's an interesting phenomenon that colder weather makes people want to couple up, cozy up, and stay warm until the spring. Sure, it's great to have someone to be your plus one for the upcoming holiday parties, it's always great to get a gift from a significant other over Christmas, and most likely it's a relief to have someone to smooch at midnight on New Year's Eve.

Although cuffing season ends around the springtime, with many calling Valentine's Day the official end marker, there's always a chance that the person you cuffed could be in it for the long haul. But if not, at the very least perhaps you'll have some inspiration for a relatable and enjoyable tweet about your #cuffingseason experience. Enjoy!

Put It All On The Table
aria_kosara on Twitter

Those seeking someone to cuff for the season will know exactly what they're getting into with this post, and with all the potential confusion and mystery that dating can sometimes include, this clarity is very refreshing!

Keep It Real
johanafloressss on Twitter

Who can't relate to the sentiment photo-bombing this cute couple's selfie? This post really sums up on person's experience of #cuffingseason.

Set The Mood
hannahorens on Twitter

If you're gonna do cuffing season properly, you should equip yourself with the right supplies. This post helps you set the mood... to get in the mood!

Take It To The Streets
theodyssey on Twitter

Some people approach cuffing season calmly and with measure, while others go into full-blown panic mode. This post really enjoys the latter approach and I'm loving it.

What Women Really Want
kelseygrace28 on Twitter

We want your love, respect, and your finest sweatshirts. Oh, and don't expect them back at the end of cuffing season — they're ours now!

Game Of Cuffs
ebonyminx on Twitter

This cuffing season we'd like your body heat, yes, but really only to tide us over until the next season of Game Of Thrones comes out! Can you blame us?

Seasonal Employment Available
auni_saxton on Twitter

The first hashtag of this tweet says it all... seasonal position, indeed!

Get In Formation
breeessrig on Twitter

Not only are these pigs adorable, but watching them confidently leap into a lake is adorable to the max. If only we could all drive into cuffing season with the confidence of these darling creatures.

People Feel Cautiously Optimistic
aadil_hanif on Twitter

It's easy to get swept up in the spirit of cuffing season and toss out your glass-half-empty attitude... even if it's just until the temperatures thaw again.

One of my favorite elements of social media is the connectivity I feel when I see a post I relate to and the above cuffing season commentary is making this single gal feel like I'm in good, and witty, company.

While dating can be exhausting, confusing, and tough, just remember that the point of even something as temporary as cuffing season is to make a connection with someone. And who knows? Your particular cuffing season may never end. But if it does — please post about it!

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