15 Texts To Send Your Partner On Christmas Morning To Make Their Day

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Christmas is a day full of traditions, from the moment you wake up and open presents, to when you fall into a post-dinner food haze at night. But if you and your SO don't get to spend the holiday together this year, there may be one more tradition to add to your list: sending your partner a Christmas morning text. After all, just because you're apart doesn't mean you can't kick off their day with some digital holiday cheer.

Whether or not you typically send your SO good morning texts, Christmas morning is an excuse to make it extra festive. You can shoot them a sweet message that embraces the sentimentality and romance of the season`s, make them laugh with the kind of corny holiday puns you can only get away with on Christmas morning, or send them something a little more (holiday) spicy to get their tinsel tingling. Whatever yuletide vibe you opt for, here are some ideas to get you started.

Seasonal And Sweet Messages

1. Good morning! I hope Santa hasn’t let me down, because all I want for Christmas is you!

2. This time of year always makes me think of all the things in life I'm grateful for, and you are at the very top of that list. Merry Christmas, babe!

3. I wish we were together this morning, but if you send me a cute selfie, yule-tide me over.

4. Good morning! Just wanted to send a quick message to let you know that I fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-love you.

5. Merry Christmas! Although, to be honest, every day feels like Christmas with you!

Messages That Will Have Them Ho-Ho-Ho-ing

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6. Want to know how I knew you were the one? We had instant chemis-tree. Merry Christmas!

7. Merry Christmas, babe! I just wanted to let you know the way I feel about you is snow joke.

8. Not to get all Santa-mental, but you were the best thing to happen to me all year. Merry Christmas!

9. Good morning! Just wanted to take this opportunity to say that you and me are ornament to be! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

10. I love your holiday ornaments, and by that I mean your butt in Christmas pajamas.

Add Some Holiday Spice

11. Good morning! I woke up thinking about how excited I am to see your face when you unwrap my Christmas gift for you. Spoiler alert: It’s me.

12. If you were good this year, I'll send you and “Elfie:" A pic of me wearing nothing but an elf hat. 😉

13. Merry Christmas! Hey, what do you say we start a new holiday tradition tonight? I'll sit on your lap and tell you what I really want this year.

14. Good morning! Just thinking about all the ways we're going to get on the naughty list next time I see you. 😉

15. Merry Christmas, babe! Can't wait until I get to see you (and your stocking stuffer) again! xoxo

Spending the holidays surrounded by all the people you love might be ideal, but unfortunately, it might not always be possible. At least if you and your partner aren’t waking up together on Christmas morning, sending one of these texts will ensure you sleigh their winter fantasies.