4 Real AF Texts To Send Your Winter Cuff If You Want To Keep Seeing Them

Spring is officially here, which means you can finally come out of hibernation and venture back out into the world. The question is, now that you can leave the house again, do you still need the person you cuffed up with during winter to ride (literally) out the spring with? After all, it's tradition to un-cuff as soon as the weather permits, so there's a good chance that when you first got together in chillier times, it was just a seasonal love affair. Normally around this time, you'd be thinking of texts to send your winter cuff to break things off, but what if over the cold and wintery months you caught something more than your annual cold? This year you caught feelings. Gasp!

While you're going to have to start shedding some layers of clothes as spring temperatures rise, it doesn't mean you have to shed your cuff, too. However, it does mean that it's time to get real and tell them what you're feeling. So, if you want to turn your winter romance into a spring fling (and beyond), but don't feel comfortable saying it face-to-face, here are some real AF text ideas to help clue your winter cuff into exactly what you're feeling.

If You Want To Keep Dating Them Casually

"Yay, spring weather means there's actually stuff to do! We should hang out and do some of those things together soon. 😎"

If what you want with your winter bae moving forward is something casual, then send a message that keeps the tone light. Your message should communicate that the door for more is open, but that it's easy-breezy.

If You Want Them To Continue Being Your Hookup Buddy

"I can't wait to be able to get naked, late at night, at your place, WITHOUT freezing my butt off now that it's spring."

Maybe you're not ready for a commitment, but you got used to that regular winter action and would like to keep that aspect of the relationship alive. Hey, it's always great to have a hookup buddy year-round.

If You’re Ready To Make Things Official

"I just want you to know that you made this winter really amazing. I can't wait to see what the other seasons are like with you. I hope you feel the same way."

Winter is a really romantic season, and while people do tend to cuff up in temporary relationships during that time of year, it's actually kind of easy to fall in love for real, too. Don't be afraid to speak from the heart. Your cuff buddy might be feeling the same way.

If You Want To See Where The Relationship Can Go

"I love spring because it always feels like there are so many new possibilities. I hope you're down to go on some new adventures with me. 😜"

Maybe you're not totally sure what you want out of your winter cuff relationship post-Easter, but you just know you want to stay in each other's lives and see where that takes you. You don’t have to go straight from winter cuff to full-time cuff — it’s OK to take it slow and let things take their natural course. Just make sure you have some kind of conversation about your intentions so that no one feels like they are being strung along.

Putting yourself out there is hard, but the payoff can be amazing. You don't want to miss out on something great just because you are afraid to send a text. Besides, you should never be afraid to take control of your own happiness, and part of that is being clear with the people around you — yes, even your winter cuffs — about what it is that you want.

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