A man gives his joyful Taurus partner a gift that is thoughtful and bull of love.
These 20 Gift Ideas For Taurus Partners Are Thoughtful & Bull Of Love

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If you're lucky enough to have a Taurus in your life, then you know this zodiac sign is bursting with endless creativity, a passion for the world around them, and a deep loyalty to the ones they love. Since you're constantly inspired by their style and authenticity, you want to make sure all your gifts for your Taurus partner match their unique flair.

To really toast to Taureans, you'll need gifts that speak to their senses. Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, which means they'll adore gifts that pamper them and products they can add to their already masterful self-care routine — but don't think they're only glitz and glam. Taurus is of the element earth as well as a fixed zodiac sign, so practicality is a must. The perfect gifts for a Taurus are a combination of lavish and useful. Bonus points are also awarded for anything soft, fluffy, full of succulents, or could otherwise help ensure their home stays as serene as they are.

The criteria may sound intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. These gift ideas for your Taurus SO will make sure you tick all the boxes. Just think, when your Taurus partner opens up their present to find a gift that perfectly captures their personality, they'll know your relationship was written in the stars.

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A Succulent That Sparkles As Much As They Do

Where there's a Taurus, there's likely a few plants nearby, as those under this zodiac sign often keep themselves grounded with lots of little green friends. This particular succulent, though, is not like the rest. The geode air plant ($55, Urban Stems) comes in a hand-painted pot shining with amethyst crystals on the front. Every time your Taurus sits down to read in front of this cutie, they'll feel extra peaceful with these crystals around.

This Recipe Book That's Full Of Comforting Desserts And Treats

If your Taurus has a sweet tooth and loves whisking something up in the kitchen, they'll cherish this baking cookbook ($25, Target) full of classic pie recipes, croissants, brownies, and lots of cake. The only thing sweeter than these treats will be the smitten smile they give you when they open this gift up.

A Candle To Light The Earthy Vibes

Your Taurus looks forward to unwinding at night with a warm cup of tea and a face mask. You can help them set the mood for the evening with a candle that matches their earthy vibe. This candle ($25, Etsy) is all about floral and warm tones, coming in a variety of scents like lavender and rose. Or, opt for unique combinations like Be Enchanted, which is a mix of apples, peaches, sandalwood. and musk; and Egyptian Goddess, which has notes of spice, patchouli, and water lily. Plus, this candle is peppered with gems, dried flowers, and crystals to really light the night with a calming aroma.

This Acrylic Painting Kit Will Capture All Their Creativity

When your Taurus has a vision, they always see it through. That's why they'll love this painting kit ($16, Amazon) with everything they need to turn their room into an art studio. Acrylic paints, a canvas, an easels, paint brushes a pallet — this set will let your Taurus' creativity run wild.

This Sunset Lamp Is Full Of Mellow Vibes

Good lighting for selfies? Check. Setting the mood for a chill evening? Double check. This ambient lamp ($30, Home Bass) ticks all the boxes by mimicking the colors of a sunset. It projects vivid oranges, yellows, and reds for a totally dreamy and romantic vibe. Once your Taurus plugs this lamp in, they'll realize it's the home decor they've been missing all their life.

A Cozy Mug Hiding A Surprise Inside

When it comes to cozy vibes, Taureans have it mastered. That's probably why your Taurus is often found with a warm cup of tea in hand despite the time or season. So, why not gift your person a cute mug ($12, Urban Outfitters) you know they'll use? This one comes in two varieties: the blue ceramic decked in flowers and hiding a snail inside, and the maroon mug with mountains etched on the side and a cactus inside. Either option is earthy and adorable.

This Planner Is Stylish And Functional

Taureans get work done. Their drive and determination always inspire you. To let them know you see their hard work and commend them for it, gift them this eco-friendly and nature-inspired planner ($13, Eco Collective). Not only is this gift super practical to help them reach their goals, but it also gets points for style. These planners are as grounded as your Taurus is, as they come in a butterfly mosaic, a mountain landscape, or a collage of cute mushrooms. It's all so #cottagecore.

This Necklace Features A Gold-Plated Bull

The bull is the symbol of this earth sign. To really cheers to Taurus, you'll need a gift that's oh-so cosmically them like this necklace featuring their very own spirit animal. They'll go totally starry-eyed over this gold-plated brass bull charm ($58, Vanessa Mooney).

This Eye And Lip-Mask Kit Is A Full Pampering Session In Half The Time

Sometimes it's hard to find time to do a whole self-care routine, especially for a star sign that's as focused as Taurus. That's where this bare essentials kit ($35, LOOPS Beauty) comes in. It features both lip and eye masks that hydrate the sensitive areas of the face, but it only takes 10 minutes. That way, your Taurus can throw them on while getting stuff done and finding time to treat themselves.

This Polaroid Camera Will Show Off Their Artistic Eye

One of the things you love most about your Taurus is the way they see the world. Their motto could basically be, "Stop and smell the roses," because they always find the beauty in their surroundings. Since you love their perspective and artistic sensibilities, this mini Polaroid camera ($58, Walmart) is the perfect gift to let them show off their unique vision.

This Keyboard Has Soothing Sounds For The Cutest WFH Situation

The right keyboard can take any work-from-home situation to the next level, and this pastel green keyboard ($36, Digital Nights) is a serious contender. It has ASMR-worthy typing sounds to make work feel that much more rewarding, and it comes with a matching mouse so your Taurus can work (or game) in style.

This Oil Diffuser Radiates Calm Energy

Taureans love making their home an oasis, and that's exactly what this oil diffuser does. It'll fill the air with soothing aromas and stress-relieving scents while making a cute addition to any shelf or bedside table. This ultrasonic diffuser ($36, Anthropologie) features a ceramic covering with engraved vines for an extra chic look.

A Taurus Phone Case With Airbrushed Art

This iPhone case ($35, Wildflower) protects the phone and looks cute at the same time. The raised bumper around the case ensures both the phone and the screen are being protected at all times while the unique cover features an airbrushed-art that reads, "Taurus." The dual functionality and style of this phone case really make this product Taurus-approved.

These Wearable Weights Make Elevating Workouts Easy

If there's a Taurus in your life who loves to sweat it out, they'll really get their muscles burning with these weighted bangles ($49, Verishop). These weights act like bracelets, so your partner can do their usual workout routine while increasing the difficulty. Simply choose the perfect color weights to match their workout 'fits. They come in blush, sand, charcoal, white, heather gray, blue, and more.

A Travel Hammock That Can Turn Any Place Into A Nap Spot

Your Taurus can often be found kicking back and taking in nature. They're usually spotted at the park or on their favorite hiking trail. You can help them take their outdoor adventures up a notch by gifting them a portable hammock ($25, Madera Outdoor). They can string it up between two trees during their hike or even in their own backyard for a truly refreshing nap or chill afternoon.

A Puzzle That Speaks To Taurus' Earth Element

Since your partner loves to relax, they'll be over the moon about this vintage succulent puzzle ($20, Uncommon Goods). You can already feel the piece-ful vibes they'll be soaking up when they put this game together at the end of the day. Not to mention, this retro puzzle features lots of succulents (aka bonus points).

A Tote Bag That's As Chill As They Are

The head of your own chill fam is likely a Taurus, which is why this shopping tote bag ($14, Expression Tees) is the perfect accessory for them. While this tote may spell out "Chill Fam" on the front, this bag is no lightweight. It's large enough to handle even a Taurus-level shopping spree, so it'll definitely be handy to have around. You can even choose the color of the bag (black, white, pink, navy, or sky blue) to find the one that best matches your Taurus' style.

This Cow-Print Bucket Hat Will Make Any Outfit Playful

Every time your Taurus posts an #OOTD, you're blown away by how trendy, playful, and effortless they look. If you're looking to gift them something to match their fun flair, look no further than this cow-print bucket hat ($20, Princess Polly) that's as on trend and whimsical as they are.

This Nail Kit Is An At-Home Salon

A fresh set of nails never ceases to brighten up your Taurus' day. They absolutely adore matching their nail color to their 'fit or playing around with new designs. If you're interested in getting your Taurus something extra luxurious, this nail kit ($39, Beetles Gel) is for you. With this starter pack, they'll have an LED lamp, gel polish, and everything else they need to turn their home into a salon.

This LED Makeup Mirror Will Light Up Every Look

When you have a Taurus constantly serving looks, an LED makeup mirror ($40, Kohl's) will come in handy. This mirror will give them the perfect lighting to check their foundation, make sure their highlight is poppin', and get that perfect winged eyeliner every time. Their next makeup look is about to be lit.

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