15 Matt James 'Bachelor' Quotes About Love For Your One-On-One Date Instas

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Matt James from The Bachelor knows a thing or two about love. Although James mentioned on the show that he's never actually been in love, he certainly has a lot of contestants vying for his heart. Fans have heard James open up about his past relationships and hopes for his Bachelor journey. These heartfelt moments and more throughout this season have provided fans with such great Matt James Bachelor quotes about love.

Although it would be fun to test your Bachelor knowledge and pair these Matt James quotes about love to their corresponding episodes, it's much more exciting to use them as IG captions. You could snap a picture with your SO after making a delicious meal, similar to James's night with Kit Keenan, or find a sweet picture from a backyard pool party for two that you had over the summer. On a particularly chilly afternoon, you and bae could cuddle up near a fire pit, like James did with Sarah Trott on their one-on-one, and take a selfie while sharing a sweet kiss. Any one of these pics can pair with a Matt James' quote about love, like, "The perfect love story is your love story," or, "I just can't help but smile when I'm around you." Whichever one you post will get all the smiles on your feed.

When you decide on the perfect picture from your very own one-on-one date, there are many Matt James quotes to check out before posting on Instagram. Your followers will be sure to swoon.

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1. "I'm falling in love with you, too."

2. "What a perfect place to fall in love."

3. "I'm on the journey to find what I've been missing."

4. "Love for me looks different than it did when I was in college."

5. "I think about the first time I saw you."

6. "Someone that I could share my life with."

7. "I just can't help but smile when I'm around you."

8. "The perfect love story is your love story."

9. "What I do know is how I feel about you, and it's real."

10. "You shared with me your heart and, it's like, that meant something to me."

11. "It feels really good to say that I'm falling in love with somebody, especially when it's reciprocated."

12. "Someone to help make that relationship part of my life whole."

13. "I love that about you."

14. "When I'm around you, you don't even have to try to get my attention."

15. "When I'm with you, it just feels right."