Matt James and Bri from 'The Bachelor' enjoy champagne in a hot tub on a date.
Recreate Matt James' 'Bachelor' Dates In Your Backyard For Rosy Pics With Your SO

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Matt James' season of The Bachelor is already heating up with so much drama among the girls. But, James is not letting that stop him from bringing the fire to all of his dates. It's only Week 3, but there are plenty of swoon-worthy moments you'd love to recreate with your SO. While you may not have the help of TV producers, these fairytale settings are possible to enjoy at home. All you need to know is how to recreate Matt James' Bachelor dates for the dreamiest couple pictures ever.

The first step is choosing which Bachelor moment you'd like to make a reality for your own date. Any of these ideas can take place right in your own backyard for a fun, memorable, and safe experience with your quarantine boo amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

You might be game for a down and dirty playdate in the mud, or perhaps an old-fashioned picnic is more your style. You can even channel your own group date by planning a colorful capture the flag game for two. There has been so much romance in this Bachelor season already, and we've listed seven Bachelor-inspired date ideas to channel that'll give you major heart eyes.

Once you plan your date, enjoy every single moment while capturing it all for the 'gram. Be sure to post the cutest pictures you take with your partner and pair them with a caption that deserves a rose.

Plan A Picnic In The Backyard

Before getting interrupted by donkeys, James' picnic date with Serena P. was super cute and romantic. When channeling this plan, be sure to prepare an Insta-worthy charcuterie board that all your foodie friends will admire on your Insta. James even made his own Bachelor charcuterie board that you can use for inspo.

Say "Cheers" To Your Hot Tub And Champagne Date

It wouldn't be a season of The Bachelor without a hot tub date or two. James kicked off this tradition on his first one-on-one date with Bri.

With a few candles and some rose petals, you can create this vibe in your own hot tub or bathtub. Plan a romantic soak with a chilled bottle of bubbly. Be sure to get a picture while clinking your glasses together as you toast to the rosiest couple ever.

Read A Romance Novel Together

The romance novel writing group date provided lots of laughs and shocking moments. It truly was a date for the books, and it's also an easy one to recreate with your partner.

Create a perfectly cozy reading nook in your living room with comfy pillows, lots of candles, and string lights. Then, take turns reading a romantic novel while snapping a sweet picture to capture the moment.

Play Around In The Mud
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Don't be afraid to get a little dirty like James and Bri did on their date. Though you probably don't have an ATV casually chilling in your backyard, you can still have fun playing around in the mud. A good old mud fight will provide many opportunities for silly Insta content, so take some before-and-after shots to see how dirty you both get.

Play Capture The Flag With Paint

Another fun date idea is playing capture the flag with paint like the girls did on their first group date with James. Wear some clothes you don't mind getting paint on, because you most definitely will get covered in this game.

Try to capture your partner's flag on the other side of the backyard, but be wary, because they can attack. Fill up some water balloons with paint for throwing, and don't forget to take a cute and colorful selfie afterward.

Get Cozy On A Couch Outdoors

If you're looking for a simple date idea that's also romantic AF, plan a cozy couch experience outdoors. It'll be very rustic and chic like James' one-on-one date with Sarah.

Set up a couch with pillows and blankets in your backyard, and don't forget to hang up string lights. Pour some wine and have a great conversation while keeping each other warm. Set up a self-timer to capture a wide shot of you and bae cuddling close in nature.