Matt James Gave The Funniest Answer For Why He Kisses With His Eyes Open

ABC/Billy Kidd

Between Queen Victoria's antics and the unexpected addition of five new contestants, Season 25 of The Bachelor has been a wild ride. Most of the time, it's pretty much impossible for Matt James to upstage all the drama, but his unconventional way of kissing always manages to steal the scene. During a Feb. 2 appearance on the Nightly Pop talk show, the Bachelor lead opened up about some of the season's most memorable moments, and Matt James' explanation for kissing with his eyes open is truly hilarious. Maybe now the internet will stop trolling his makeout scenes (but probably not).

During a game of "Dating Dos and Don'ts," E! News' Nina Parker and Hunter March asked James whether he considered kissing with his eyes open a "don't," and he jokingly defended the move. "For me, it's a dating do," he said. "Because listen: I'm so attracted to the woman that I'm pursuing that I need to see her. I need to feel that connection, and if it takes me being here to see it, then I'm in there." And of course, he then stuck his face directly into the camera lens to demonstrate.

However, there is an exception to the rule. "As long as her eyes are closed, we're cool, because you can't have two people looking at each other crazy," he added.

Open-eye kissing wasn't the only hot take James offered. The Bachelor also opened up about sex on the first date. "Sex on the first date is something that I've never done," James said. "And it's not something that I'm going to shame anybody for doing. It's just, what's attractive to me is someone knowing that I leave my clothes all over the house, I'm late responding to you on a text message, my breath might smell like garlic, I'm doing X, Y, Z and they still love me for who I am." Fair enough!

Dirty talk, however, is totally on the table. After hosts Parker and March replayed that ~sensual~ group date where the women read their own erotic stories, they asked James what he thought of the experience. "I loved it," he said. "I got a look into what everybody was feeling and how they viewed what our romance would look like. And I appreciated all of them."

James even gave his thoughts on Clare Crawley and Dale Moss' surprising split. "I can only speak for myself, that's not something I would do," James said, referring to how open the exes have been about the drama. However, he hasn't let Crawley and Moss' breakup affect his hope of finding love on The Bachelor. "Because I've seen it go the other way," James added. "I reached out to a bunch of people ... I talked to Sean Lowe before I got out here, I talked to Wells Adams, I've talked to a bunch of different people where I've seen the process work out for them. I'm just praying for the best."

Same here! And IMO, if Matt James wants to keep kissing with his eyes open on his quest for true love, then I say fans should allow it.