Gifts for Your Aries Partner
These Gifts For Your Aries Partner Will Make Their Day So Much Brighter

Whether it's Aries season or not, you want to shower your bae with all the love. You want them to know how special they are, and how their positive attitude, go-getter personality, and incredible passion for life inspires you daily. Of course, giving them the perfect gift can show your appreciation and affection, but it can be hard to find gifts for your Aries partner that are as out of this world as their zodiac sign.

Don't stress over what to get your fire sign. There are tons of adorable, clever, and unique products out there such as smart fitness equipment and edgy sunglasses. You can also find personalized jewelry or posters for your SO on Etsy. Trendy retailers such as Urban Outfitters have no shortage of home decor pieces like sun-soaked mirrors, while H&M will hook you up with comfortable footwear your partner will wear every day. Finding the perfect gifts for your Aries partner will actually be a breeze, especially once you find the connections each of these gifts has to their zodiac sign.

An Aries is known for being determined like the ram and radiant like the sun. They're ruled by the deep-red planet of Mars, and push through life like a raging fire. You'll likely have a hard time not adding all of the gifts below to your cart, but know this: Whatever items you choose will likely make your Aries partner's special day so much brighter.

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A Planter That'll Shine On Their Shelves

First up is this ceramic planter that says, "Talk Growth To Me" ($35, Plant Economy). It'll be the perfect addition to your SO's shelves in their home office, kitchen, or bedroom, because it will remind them to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and to go after their wildest dreams. (Let's be honest: They have a lot of goals and dreams.)

This Journal That's Actually Easy To Keep Up With

Keeping up with a journal can be hard when you're busy being an Aries and chasing after your goals. The Five Minute Journal ($25, Intelligent Change), though, is easy to keep up with since it takes only five minutes to complete each day. Each page has bulleted prompts where you can list your affirmations, things you're grateful for, and what you're looking forward to.

These Sunglasses That Are As Bold As Your Partner

Is your Aries partner always on the lookout for new trends in fashion? If so, snag them a pair of these edgy sunglasses ($35, 3rd Eye View). They can wear them on sunny days in spring or summer, and pose in them for an Instagram photo. Their cat-eye shape is sure to bring in the likes and #fire comments.

This Hoodie That's Both Comfy And Cute

Whether your Aries partner is working out or attending a work meeting on Zoom, they like to be comfy. That's where this cute and comfy hoodie ($60, Lonely Ghost) comes in. It'll pair nicely with mom jeans, sweatpants, or leggings. Plus, it has a message your SO will definitely align with.

These Sneakers That Are Ready For Spring

Buying your partner a gift during Aries season means you can tailor your present to the sunnier days to come. Why don't you check out these stylish sneakers ($50, H&M) before scrolling through Instagram for other ideas? They'll likely match with all the outfits in your SO's closet, and complete the #OOTD post they've been dreaming about.

A Tote Bag That Has A Beautiful Message

Your Aries partner is a force of nature. They inspire you to not only go after what you want, but to find new and exciting ways to approach life. Simply put, they're powerful and their energy is too, which is why they need this beautiful tote bag ($19, One DNA). It'll tell the world they're a force to be reckoned with on any day of the week.

These Hair Clips That Are Anything But Boring

The word "boring" isn't in your partner's vocabulary. They find a way to spice anything up, from date night to their latest look. So, if you're looking to give a little extra something to your partner, these are sure to cue a major reaction. These artsy and colorful hair clips ($10, Chunks) are made for any occasion. They'll be a welcomed addition to your partner's outfits, and show off their enthusiastic side.

A Mirror That Radiates Good Vibes

Like the sun, your Aries is constantly glowing. They walk into a room and bring the good vibes (and times) with them. Add this sun-shaped mirror ($24, Urban Outfitters) to your cart ASAP to show your partner your appreciation for their positivity. It can be hung up on any wall in their living space.

This Necklace That Features The Ram

If you didn't already know, the ram is the symbol of an Aries. It's stunningly displayed on this personalized necklace ($28, Etsy), which can become a daily piece for your SO. After you receive it, wrap it up with a thoughtful message that'll give your SO heart eyes.

This Jumprope That'll Jazz Up Any Workout

Getting active is your partner's jam. They're always down for a hike, quick run, or round of squats. Jazz up their workouts with this smart jumprope ($40, Tangram Factory). It syncs to an app on their phone, and then keeps track of their activity levels — like how many times they've jumped the rope.

This Cookbook That's Packed With Flavorful Meals

If your partner loves showing off their cooking skills, a cookbook ($25, The Little BOHO Bookshop) that's packed with flavorful meals will be the perfect gift for them. Whether they are looking for new recipes to try, or want a kitchen challenge to conquer, this cookbook will be their new sidekick.

A Virtual Assistant That Is Super Helpful

Since an Aries has big dreams, they also usually have big to-do lists. A virtual assistant like Amazon's Echo Dot ($40, Amazon) will help them keep track of their tasks, while also making their life a little easier. With voice commands, your partner can sync the Echo Dot to their phone and play their favorite playlist or podcast. They can also ask to hear the world news while they get ready for the day, and create a shopping list.

A Video Game That's Both Challenging And Fun

Does your partner unwind by playing video games with their pals on a Nintendo Switch? Purchase and wrap up this game, called Overcooked! 2 ($33, Target), which is legit made for your SO's next virtual hang. The game requires your partner to prep a bunch of recipes and serve them to restaurant guests. It will keep any zodiac sign on their toes.