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These At-Home Birthday Ideas For Aries Are Straight Fire

by Alexa Mellardo
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You love to be noticed, Aries, which means a fiery sign like yours deserves more than just one day of celebrating your birthday. Although IRL you can't party it up every moment of the month, you can definitely try to keep the birthday vibes alive by sprinkling several of these festivities that revolve around your bold sign throughout your zodiac season. Since you’re never one to shy away from the spotlight, consider these at-home birthday ideas for Aries, and you'll surely attract all the attention your sun sign commands from everyone who wants to join in on the fun.

Get the party started strong like the ram you are with Aries-centric birthday activities, tailored to your competitive, passionate, energetic, and a tad impulsive personality. Shine bright like a star within your social circle by planning a virtual game and cocktails night with your besties. Or, feed your thirst for passion by indulging in a romantic, candlelit evening in a Himalayan salt bath, right in your own tub with your partner. Do it up with plush robes, bath towels, and maybe even massage oils for a post-soaking treat.

All you have to do is put your awesome organizational skills to work when choosing your plans, and gear up to celebrate all of your kick-ass traits. Then, put on your party hat and take centerstage with any of these at-home birthday ideas that are straight fire — like you are. After all, nobody puts an Aries in the corner.

Channel Your Energy Through Yoga And Namaste
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Seize the high energy of your zodiac sign, and get into the flow of things with an online yoga class. Choose a bright, open corner of your home to set up your yoga mat, some candles, and an essential oils diffuser. Then, tune into Alo Moves for a 15-, 30-, or 60-minute class where you can take a Morning Yoga Kickstart or Fluid Power Vinyasa class. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial, and if you decide to join, the virtual membership is only $20 a month.

Enjoy A Passionate Bath Soak With Your Love

Plan out a dreamy birthday date night with your SO, complete with rose petal Himilayan bath salts ($5, Etsy), scented candles, chilled Champagne, and birthday cake truffles. You don’t always like to share, but you won't mind being generous on this date night when it comes to cuddling in the tub.

Since you’re not the type of person who’s afraid of taking the initiative, use this romantic setting to let your partner know exactly how you feel about them.

Be Impulsive With Some Spring Cleaning And Online Shopping

Being organized is one of your many talents. So, fix yourself an iced green tea latte and get your spring cleaning done while listening to a rockin’ playlist. You’ll feel like you’re starting your next year of life off on the right foot knowing that your closet and home are cleansed.

Since you'll have a little extra room in your closet post-cleaning, let your impulsiveness kick in. Get online and treat yo’self to something special. You may be good at saving money, but you’re definitely better at spending it, birthday queen.

Get The Friendly Competition Going With Cocktails And Virtual Games
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You’re always up for a good challenge, Aries, and you thrive on coming in first place. You’re also the leader of your pack and are known to be the one who gets any plan started. So, do yourself a solid and check out PSYCH! Outwit Your Friend‪s‬, a personalized trivia game, for some major laughs, friendly competition, and creativity. All everyone has to do is download the app.

Aries can come across as super competitive at times, so keep that in check when playing. You want to win, but you don’t want to tick everyone off either.

Be Your Bold Self In Your Very Own Birthday Shoot

You love to express yourself in bold ways. So, grab your most sparkly or colorful birthday ‘fit, and get ready to have a photo shoot, complete with wine, cupcakes, and sparkler candles. Strike some poses that show your Instagram followers how you live for today and aren’t so worried about tomorrow.

You don’t like to be ignored, and these pics will definitely get that point across. Don’t forget to caption your birthday post with something that is so you, like, “This fire sign is extra hot this birthday month.”

Tap Into Your Caring Feels And Make Postcards For Long-Distance Besties

Because you’re a thoughtful soul, your birthday season is a great time to reach out to your best friends who you haven’t been able to see in quite some time. Let them know you’re thinking of them in such a sweet way by getting crafty and making postcards to send them. Scroll through TikTok for some DIY inspo, get some fun supplies, and then get started. You can even personalize each card with a Polaroid.

Map Out A Mood Board For A Future Road Trip
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Since traveling and road-tripping are two of your fave hobbies, spend time during your birthday month mapping out a bucket list of destinations you’d like to include on a future road trip when it’s safe to travel again. Reach out to your besties to see who’s down for the adventure, and then start mapping out your mood board with pictures of dream destinations, ideas for Instagram pics, and inspirational quotes. This month is all about you, and this trip will reflect your deep love of exploring new places with your crew.

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