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12 Birthday Ideas For Your Aries Partner That Are As Stellar As Them

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Just in case your partner hasn't reminded you already, it's almost Aries #szn. On March 21, the zodiac calendar will officially shift, giving your significant other a reason to start a countdown for their special day. It's up to you to track down birthday ideas for your Aries partner that'll make them feel so special, celebrated, and loved.

You might already have a few ideas that are specific to your person and what makes them smile on the reg. If that's the case, then go with your original plan because it'll surely be a home run. When your person walks into their favorite pizza restaurant where you've gathered up all of their closest friends and family for a party, or into your kitchen where you've prepped an elaborate breakfast, they'll have major heart eyes and be so surprised. They'll rush over to you and likely give you a big kiss and say, "I'm the luckiest person on the planet."

If you don't have a plan for your partner's birthday yet, then don't fret. There's still plenty of time to put together a day of fun that'll speak to your Aries partner's soul and cue that reaction. These 12 ideas will get you started and make sure the day is as stellar as them.

Go Rock Climbing At A Local Gym

First up is an activity your Aries partner will totally love: rock climbing. They'll enjoy the challenge of finding the right places to put their feet in order to reach the top of the massive wall. You might even find yourself back at the local gym in a week, as your partner turns this activity into a hobby.

Plan A Personalized Scavenger Hunt

Your Aries partner loves being the leader in any situation. In addition, they're incredibly determined at heart, which is why they'll enjoy solving the riddles of a scavenger hunt. Plan one around your apartment or city, and make it personalized for them. Include their favorite foods, movies, and memories.

Have A Bowling Night With Their BFFs

You've never met anyone as competitive as your partner. They have a fire in them that pushes them to win and give every situation their all. However, even though they're competitive, they also know how to have a good time. A bowling night with their besties on their birthday will be a total strike.

Rent A Campervan For The Weekend

If your Aries would rather spend an entire weekend celebrating their birthday than a single day, consider taking a trip in a campervan. Roam around your state and check out all the state and national parks that are nearby. There are so many adorable campervans you can rent that come equipped with amenities like camping gear, too.

Have A Picnic In The Outdoors
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Having a perfectly put together picnic in the great outdoors is your partner's jam. (No pun intended.) Find a spot you both love to share nice drinks and quality snacks for your SO's birthday.

Learn A Bunch Of TikTok Dances

Is your partner totally obsessed with TikTok? If you answered "yes," spending the day learning the most popular dances will be a dream come true for them. Gather up some snacks and drinks for the occasion, and then record yourselves doing all the creative ~moves~. It'll be a birthday well-spent.

Watch A Bunch Of Marvel Movies

On any given day, your partner lifts your spirits and makes you feel like you can conquer anything. They're like a superhero — a real-life version of Iron Man, Spider-Man, or Black Panther. On their birthday, remind them of their powerful impact and nature by having a Marvel movie marathon. They'll love it from the moment you press "play."

Book A Couple's Massage At The Spa

An Aries is naturally passionate and loves activities that make them feel closer to their partner. Naturally, taking your SO to the spa for a couple's massage will be a big hit. If you want to take this birthday experience up a notch, you can reserve a manicure, pedicure, or facial.

Play All The Games At A Barcade

Your significant other isn't phased by doing something at the last minute, or taking a trip rather spontaneously. For that reason, they'll love going to a barcade: a bar where they can play arcade games and win prizes. The claw machine? Oh, they'll conquer that for sure.

Go On A Romantic, Comedy-Inspired Date

Watching romantic comedies, no matter how cheesy they may be, is one of your Aries partner's favorite things. They've seen every single one including Love, Simon and Always Be My Maybe. For their birthday, plan a date that's totally inspired by a scene in one of their go-to films. (A surprise appearance by Keanu Reeves is not totally required.)

Check Out A Trampoline Park

The energy your Aries partner has is unmatched. They're like a bolt of lightning, excited and strong-willed at all times. Head to a trampoline park on their birthday so they can do tricks, jump around, and express their youthful spirit. Take pictures while you're there to commemorate it all.

Go On A Self-Guided Taco Crawl

Last but not least, on your Aries partner's birthday, take them on a self-guided taco crawl. Like a lot of tacos, your partner is spicy like their fire sign suggests, and has a radiant personality that lights up any room. Bringing them around your area to the best eateries, and ordering tacos, margaritas, and churros is in your best interest.

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