A group of friends laughs while sitting in an outdoor café and eating tacos.

A Taco Trail Exists & It Will Totally Guac Your Weekend Plans

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Are you looking for something tasty to do this weekend with your crew? Have you been sending texts in the group chat like, "I could really go for some guacamole right now," or "Can we taco 'bout my love for tacos and rice bowls for a second?" If so, this Taco Trail in Connecticut is made for you, and will be the thing to do this weekend with your crew.

Cancel any other plans you may have had to try the newest restaurants in the city, or order your usual iced coffee and chill on the couch. There are chicken, fish, and falafel-filled delicacies waiting for you a short train ride from NYC. Rush to Grand Central Station or hop in a car, and take a drive to Connecticut where good food and vibes are everywhere. Make sure you pack your appetite, because every cozy, chic, or family-owned eatery will give you a chance to order plates with rich flavors and thoughtful ingredients.

Some of these eateries might change up your vision of a taco — putting a stylish hard shell in front of you, or a lettuce-wrapped one that'll keep you coming back for more. Either way, they'll leave you with heart eyes, and totally guac your weekend plans with your crew. Here are the deets on the Connecticut Taco Trail. In total, it's 80 miles long, according to, which leaves plenty of time for loving on some tacos, treats, and eats.

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There are a few restaurants that should be on your radar for this trail. The first is Bartaco: a tapas-style eatery where you and your BFFs fill out a sheet with what you want. Located on Wilton Road in Westport, this is a perfect spot to enjoy some sunshine, as there's outdoor seating. Order the chips and guac to start, and then try the churros before heading to Bodega Taco Bar in Fairfield.

Bodega Taco Bar — aka, stop number two on the trail — has a wide variety of — you guessed it — tacos. From the breakfast taco, to one with "bangin'" brussel sprouts, you won't get bored when you're ordering. If you're 21 or over, and not the one who's driving the trail, then you may choose to try the tequila bar at this spot. Word around the block is their cocktails are just as delicious as their tacos. They'll spice up your palette as you head to Mezcal in New Haven.

Mezcal is about as traditional as it gets when it comes to tacos. Located on Mechanic Street, this eatery is a hidden gem and the ideal third stop on your weekend adventure. Spend time here talking with your besties and catching up on what's going on in each other's lives. Then, prepare for a short drive to Taqueria Mexico in Wallingford, which is a family-owned eatery that does Mexican food simply and pretty perfectly. The reviews on the Facebook page for this eatery say the plates are authentic and absolutely delicious. To say the least, your tastebuds won't be at all disappointed.

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The Connecticut Taco Trail wraps up with one more spot: Agave Grill in Hartford. It's home to an intimate and fun-loving atmosphere. At Agave Grill, you'll be treated to table-side guacamole and the chance to create your own taco combo. Whatever type of shell and meats you desire can get formed into the meal of your dreams.

So, what are you waiting for? Make plans to hop in the car this weekend and check out these taco-loving eateries with your crew. An adventure will never guac your world like this one.