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12 Campervans You Can Rent For The Ultimate Friendcation This Spring

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Trying to put together the ultimate friendcation this spring? Look no further than the great outdoors. From the giant waves that are perfect for surfing on the West Coast, to the sunny hiking trails on the East Coast, there's plenty to see and do. To get to it all, you'll need to look into campervans to rent in the spring that'll take you from coast to coast with style and ease.

A campervan upgrades any road trip, giving you the ability to sleep on-the-go and bring a couple of your besties along for the ride. Unlike a car, they usually come with amenities like a stove, dining table, outdoor shower, and — if you're really lucky — a TV that's hooked up to a DVD player. They give you the ability to pull into campsites and sit by the campfire, but sleep somewhere other than a tent that's been set up on the ground. If you tuned into the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise, think of Dean, who has his own van and lives out of it 24/7.

These campervans are exactly like that, treating you to adventure and a home all at once. If you rent one for your next friendcation, you'll be in total awe of how exciting adventuring can be with a van by your side. If you're not sure where to rent one, start with these 12 that are made for traveling with your BFFs this spring.

This Adorable Campervan That's Located In Portugal

First up is this adorable campervan that's listed on Airbnb. It's called the Aurora Campervan and is located in Portugal, where you and your friends can enjoy beautiful #views and beaches. Rent it to explore South-Western Nature Park and make mems that'll last a lifetime.

This 1972 Volkswagen Westfalia That's Super Sweet

If you and your friends love taking pics on a disposable camera and spending your afternoons listening to Tame Impala, then this 1972 Volkswagen Westfalia is for you. Named "Sweet Pea," it's restored, and made for epic adventures with your four closest BFFs. Not to mention, it has a collapsable kitchen. (Score!)

This Campervan That Brings Tropical Vibes To New England

Are you based in New England, but wish you were in a more tropical place? This campervan that has Hawaiian-style flowers painted on the outside might be for you, then. It has a new fridge and freezer for storing your road trip snacks, and a bike rack for when you want to hit the trails. Just note: It's manual and you can't bring it outside of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut without permission.

This Campervan That's Road Trip-Ready

One of the worst parts of planning for a trip — especially a road trip — is packing, right? Lucky for you, this campervan has taken care of everything and is ready to hit the road. Camping gear, bedding, and cookware is all included in this rental, so you can travel without wondering, "Do I need this or that?" That's a big relief.

This 1971 Volkswagen Westfalia That's So Vintage

Is it on your bucket list to take pictures with a vintage-looking Volkswagen? Take that dream to the next level by renting this 1971 Volkswagen Westfalia with your friends and taking it to the dreamiest national parks the West Coast has to offer.

It is manual, and the owner will do a test drive with you before you take it on your adventure. So if you can drive stick, renting this campervan is totally #worthit.

This Campervan That's Made For Instagram Pics

You may go into any trip with one major goal: Get Instagram pics. It might sound a little cliché, but you love documenting your life and posting fresh #content on social media. That's all well and good, and this campervan is certainly made for your mission. It has all the essentials and is located in Portland, Oregon.

This Dodge Sprinter That's A Total #Look

Some campervans look like they were made to be on Pinterest, with their perfectly-designed kitchenettes and seating spaces. This Dodge Sprinter Campervan is one of them, as it's serving serious #looks. If you rent it, take a photo with all of its twinkly lights and sign that says, "Relax."

This 2019 Dodge Promaster 2500 That's Super Colorful

Looking for a colorful space to spend the weekend? This 2019 Dodge Promaster 2500 is calling your name. Located in Austin, Texas, it's perfect for a weekend getaway with your people, or your SO if they love glamping and making s'mores. (Chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows? Not included, but essential to pack.)

This 2004 Dodge Sprinter That's Cute And Beachy

Hanging out at the beach is made easy with this 2004 Dodge Sprinter Motor Home, known as "Wild Rose." It has a bright red exterior that'll stand out amongst the ocean waves and comes equipped with everything you need to explore. The natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest will have never felt, looked, or seemed so good.

This Campervan That's Beyond Chic

If you don't mind hopping on a plane to Spain, there's a chic campervan you can stay in with your BFF. It has a pretty little design on the outside, and is sure to give you the freedom to explore the country's more underrated sights. The best part? You can bring all of your cameras, phone, and laptop with you if you want. This campervan has Bluetooth connection.

This Campervan That Can Roam Around Scotland

Headed to Scotland anytime soon? You might be after seeing this campervan and reading more into its amenities. This van can sleep up to four guests and has everything you need for a road trip, including: utensils, a fridge, heating, and air conditioning.

This 2016 Dodge Promaster City That's A Glamping Oasis

Glamping isn't for everyone, and some of your friends might be turned off by your proposal for a friendcation. But if you send them a few pics of this 2016 Dodge Promaster City, they might change their mind. It's a glamping oasis, and expands to give you lots of space for cooking and hanging out. (Oh, and it has a memory foam mattress!)

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