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Wine Not Camp Out At This Vineyard In One Of Their Vintage Trailers?

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In the past when you've proposed camping trips in the group chat with your BFFs, you might've been abruptly turned down. Sleeping in a tent and making s'mores by a cozy campfire isn't for everyone. Some of your crew would prefer staying in a luxury hotel over the woods for a night. Camping at Alta Colina Vineyard, though, changes the game. It gives your pals a place to camp out in an Instagram-worthy trailer and drink wine.

With its chic patios and interiors, the Trailer Pond at this vineyard is the best of both worlds. Whether you're on the hunt for weekend plans or a place to celebrate a bachelorette party, this vineyard's vintage trailers and amenities will be everything you're looking for. You'll love soaking up the sunshine during a morning yoga session, having heart-to-hearts with your friends on the dock, enjoying fresh breakfasts, and trying unique blends of grapes. Not to mention, when you see the California property for the first time, you'll be hit with endless inspiration for pics.

After posing with the perfectly designed chairs and filming clips of your individual trailer, you'll probably propose an idea to the group: "Why don't we just stay here forever?" That would be ideal. But for now, camp out at Alta Colina Vineyard for a weekend, drink some wine, and completely immerse yourself in this dreamy experience.

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What can you expect from your weekend stay? Camping out at Alta Colina Vineyard in Paso Robles comes with more than vintage trailer hangs and rich cabernets. Depending on which weekend package or rental option you choose, your stay can come with a jam-packed itinerary. There are three weekend packages that might be a good fit for you including: the Bachelorette Campout, the All Inclusive package, and the Basic Weekend package.

The Bachelorette Campout includes sleeping accommodations for up to 10 guests (with two guests per vintage trailer), a farm-to-table brunch, a bottle of wine from the vineyard per trailer, and exclusive access to any of the amenities offered on the property — like yoga sessions and happy hours. During your fun-filled weekend, you'll be treated to wine tasting, stunning hikes, lavish dinners, and even spa treatments, if you so choose and are willing to pay a little extra. This entire package has a base price of $3,500, not including the hotel tax or refundable security deposit.

The All Inclusive and Basic Weekend packages come with a similar itinerary. The All Inclusive package can be customized completely for a retreat of your dreams, and costs $600 per person (with an eight person minimum), not including the hotel tax and additional deposit. The Basic Weekend package also has options for add-on activities, but includes a group wine tasting and has a base price of $3,000 for two nights and a total of 10 guests.

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Although these packages are a sweet deal, it's important to note you can also book these trailers individually. Just go to the Tinker Tin Trailer Co. website to see pictures of each of the colorful trailers and hit the "book" button on the one you like the most. You'll be asked to select a check-in and check-out date, and have a chance to review the group packages, if you potentially want to expand your party and bring your entire crew of BFFs on this unique experience. Follow along with the checkout process to complete your reservation, and then get ready for the grape times ahead.

To say you'll leave with mems is the understatement of the century, and you'll want to capture every moment and magical sip of wine on a phone or digital camera. After you leave, consider booking another stay. Wine not, right?

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