11 Minimalistic Tattoo Ideas, If You Want To Get Something Simple With Your BFF

Susana Ramírez/Stocksy

Friends who get tatted up together, stay together. Your bestie has made an unreal mark on your heart, so it's time to turn your friendship into some art. All of the memories and inside jokes have sealed you two as the perfect pair, and you don't plan on spending forever without her by your side. Growing up, you had matching necklaces and those bracelets that split a heart in two. You'd spend sleepovers coming up with cool handshakes, and sharing secrets and snacks. But you're 20-something now, and want to take "BFF" to the next level. These minimalistic tattoo ideas will inspire you two to get inked, and are so simple, too.

Maybe you've thought about becoming part of team tatted already, or are still getting comfortable with the idea. Tattoos are really just another form of art like a painting, song, or photograph — except you get to take them with you wherever you go. Finding the right artist for your piece is the hardest part. But if you're just getting something simple, it'll be a breeze — especially because your bestie will be there to hold your hand through it all.

Together, you're unstoppable — but you may also be so unsure of what tattoo will be best to show off your friendship spirit. Truth is, it doesn't take a full sleeve to show your love for your lady. These minimalistic tattoos will keep it simple, and really seal the deal.

A Tiny Crown
justsangy on Twitter

Who runs the world? Oh, that's right. You and your best friend!

There's nothing like a tiny crown to show off the power of your girl squad, and it's oh-so-simple. When you're together, your confidence reaches a new high, and there's seemingly nothing you can't conquer with each other by your sides. Carry that feeling with you forever, and get a tattoo that's a little fierce like your friendship.

A Little Lotus
katieroxkk on Twitter

Sure, you could get a delicate flower or a little tree on your side. But, a lotus flower just near your feet will truly seal your friendship. Typically, a lotus is known to symbolize balance and peace. You and your best friend have had your ups and downs, but being together always makes for a happy place. This tattoo will have just a little bit of meaning that way.

A Simple Heart
thesickesttats on Twitter

Wearing your heart on your sleeve just got so easy. We don't always know what to say, but this tattoo has got us covered. You appreciate your best friend even when you can't find the words, and she's totally stolen a piece of your heart. Spread the love with a simple heart right on your wrists, and wonder how you got so lucky to have someone like her in your life.

... Or Just Half Of It
hmmccoy2016 on Twitter

That "Best Friends" bracelet you two had growing up just got a serious upgrade in this tattoo. She's your other half — the peanut butter to your jelly, the milk to your cookies, and the sun to your moon. Instead of putting your whole heart on your sleeve, just put one side and let your bestie complete you like a puzzle piece.

An Anchor
uptowndetails on Twitter

Your best friend always grounds you, and continues to be a sounding board when you're in serious need of advice. Truth is, your head can sometimes be in the clouds, and she'll follow along with your wildest dreams and be there on every adventure. A simple anchor tattoo will remind you that you always have the strongest shoulder to cry on, and a best friend that is there no matter what the situation may be.

A Pinky Promise
dailymakeuppost on Twitter

We've been taking pinky promises oh-so-seriously since the first grade. And I suppose agreeing to get a tattoo together is the biggest one of them all.

You and your best friend have probably locked fingers on so many occasions, and you can always count on each other to follow through on whatever that promise may have been. This minimalistic tattoo is a unique idea for friends who will always stick together and share the best secrets.

A Ying And A Yang
bry10tattoo on Twitter

She totally completes you. She's your soul sister, and probably your soulmate, too — if we're being honest.

A tattoo that quite literally wouldn't be whole without her is a minimalistic match made in heaven. Maybe you get a ying and a yang, or get a little creative and find something else that wouldn't be the same without both sides. This is your chance to let your inside jokes inspire your perfect tattoos.

Something Stellar
k8tezz on Twitter

You two are out-of-this-world, and not just because you can get a little weird when you're together. The universe really knew what it was doing when it brought her into your life, and knew you needed somebody totally stellar. Maybe she's a wild mood child, or just a constant reminder for you that the sky is the limit. Get a tattoo together that shows your appreciation in an atmospheric way.

A Lightning Bolt
sweechenggg on Twitter

When we find our soulmate, there's instantly a spark. Your best friend is the light of your life, and together you make waves and create energy in every experience. This little lightning bolt is simple, but lively just the same (and would also be the perfect tattoo for a Harry Potter fan.) If you haven't found a tattoo that's quite what you want yet, maybe this will strike your fancy.

A Loosely Written Word
alisha_fox_07 on Twitter

Sometimes, you don't have to say much for your bestie to know exactly what you mean. It's like you two have telepathy or something, or that mind effect that only happens in twins. A minimalistic tattoo will keep it short and sweet, especially if it's just a word or two.

Maybe you get each other's name written along your finger, or choose one phrase or quote that means a little something to get tattooed together. Anything in cursive always seem cute, classy, and casual.

Something So Random
fragdvixxen on Twitter

It's a common misconception that tattoos need to have an unreal level of meaning. Yes, it will forever be on your body, but why not get a little fun with it — especially if you're sharing it with your friend.

A pizza, a cute tattoo perfect for cat lovers, or something else totally random will make you laugh and fall head over heels in love with this little piece of art. Sometimes the best way to keep it simple, is to get something just 'cause.

You and your bestie will love having tattoos that match whatever they may be, and so I hope this ink inspired your own.