10 Moon Tattoo Ideas So You Can Remember The Lunar Eclipse Forever

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy/ Lydia Cazorla

The full moon, and all the phases in between, has been an object of mystery, since the dawn of mankind. I mean there's nothing quite as out-of-this world as looking up at the sky in the middle of the night and seeing that big bright bulb hanging there. Since this month will be the lunar eclipse, also dubbed the super blue blood moon, there's no better time than the present to cover moon tattoo ideas that are so out of this world, everyone around you will howl like werewolves. If you're not a big tattoo person, fear not. You don't have to be. Just think of this article as a modern museum where the body is the canvas, and the artists probably have a Tinder profile.

If you're thinking about getting a tattoo, we've got some good starter ones here, as well as ideas for those of you more experienced in getting inked-up. You all deserve suggestions to fit your taste, so I've skimmed some of what I consider to be the best moon tattoos on IG in order to find something for everyone, from the easily hidden, highly-employable tiny tat, to the "I sacrificed my body to the artists vision" tattoo.

Magical Realism

This full moon tattoo is so realistic, I legit almost got my period. (That's a thing, in case you didn't know.) When this girl goes for a walk on the beach, I bet the ocean tide rises and then is like "OMG my bad, thought you were the real moon! LOL nice fake-out, you got me!"


This tattoo is as fresh as the style it was done in; stick-and-poke tattoos are a good way to go bigger without making too much of a style commitment. You don't get the hard lines, and you're not using color, so even if it's a larger tat, it has a delicate look to it.

"OMG, those details!"

I can't sit through a pedicure without getting antsy, so I appreciate this for two reasons; (a) it's beautiful and (b) the patience it took. I'm sure I'd probably leave this appointment before the tattoo was halfway done.

The Rough Sketch

I loved this because it has that unfinished, finished look, and because it reminded me of the illustrations in Shel Silverstein's books. The shadowing is beautiful, and it has the look of something you'd see in The Artist's Sketchbook.

Moon Phases

This tattoo is so cute, I couldn't help but throw it in here even though I'm pretty sure I've seen a version of it on every single person in my yoga class. It's simple, detailed, and just adorbs. Can't help it.

The Watercolor Moon Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are a cool trend when it comes to getting inked, although finding an artist who can do it well is tough. So I applaud how this one was able to do such an incredibly detailed job on this crescent moon tat. It's gorgeous.

B&W Watercolor

This is for those who love the look of a watercolor tat, but can't commit to bright colors because, to be fair, they want their ink to seamlessly work with their wardrobe. This is gorgeous, and also made me crave cheese.

Floral Moon (Pictured Right)

Both of these are beautiful, but I can't get enough of the floral moon tattoo on the right. It's so detailed and delicate, and while I have no idea what "dende o ceo falou a lia" means, it could say "my ass is my elbow" and I wouldn't care because I'm way too busy admiring this tattoo for its originality and style.

Better Than Jewelry

Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather have a gorgeous tattoo like this on my wrist than a diamond bracelet. Why? Because there's no way I could lose it, and because I don't need to get it insured. I mean who's got the time for that paperwork, anyway?

The Tiny Tat

There's nothing better than a beginner's tattoo that isn't like a stock symbol of your zodiac sign. I mean not that there's anything wrong with that, but I did enjoy the fact that this tiny tattoo was able to squeeze some floral details in, making it more unique than some of the other tiny tattoos I've seen before.