This 2018 Eclipse Calendar Will Prepare You For Life's Major Turning Points

by Rosey Baker
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

First, a word about eclipses. These often misunderstood celestial events are feared worldwide by people who hate change. But when you think about it, every great period of growth in your life can be traced back to a major event, a major moment where the course of your life dramatically shifted, or took a hard left turn, forcing you to accommodate to a brand new set of circumstances. This 2018 eclipse calendar is meant to help you prepare for these moments, rather than fear them.

This is your call to embrace the wild, long strange trip on this big blue marble we call earth; to ride those gnarly waves on a surfboard carved from your own inner strength; to breathe in the fumes of a new dawn with a heart as open as your nostrils. No, readers. I'm not out of it. YOU are. I'm high on the future, because the future is now, and it's in your hands. For I am just a messenger, and you, dear reader, have the interpretive powers to change your life for the better. You can also check out your own personal super blue blood moon horoscope to see how the celestial happening will affect you and your particular sign.

January 31: Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Lunar eclipses in the sign of loudmouthed, performative Leo are likely to read that way in your life. This eclipse will demand that you let go of one thing in order to step into your power, or you can expect to feel the desire to serve yourself in better ways than you have been.

Where in your life have you been acting smaller than you truly are? Where can you be more powerful, more performative? This lunar eclipse will force you to step up and take the main stage in your own life.

February 15: Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

This isn't a total solar eclipse, so it's not as powerful as that, but it still packs a punch energetically. Solar eclipses involve new beginnings, and when in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, you might get new opportunities to shine in your community, to be of service to an organization your involved in, or to step up to the plate to an opportunistic project that serves your hopes and wishes.

July 12: Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer

This marks the beginning of a series of eclipses to follow, beginning in January of 2019. These eclipses will fall in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn; depending upon what happens now, you can view this partial solar eclipse as a teaser trailer for the themes of next year.

July 27: Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

The ways in which you serve your community will come up for review at this time. You have this moment to digest exactly where you might be sacrificing your needs to the needs of others. You'll most likely be faced with questions regarding whether or not you serve people for the joy of it, or if you do so to gain some kind of approval. Ties to toxic groups of people will be discarded in favor of the goals you've set forth for yourself.

August 11: Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo

Now is the time when, having gone through all the pairs of eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius axis, (depending on where they fall in your natal chart) you will be called to show everyone what you can do. Think of this last eclipse as the recital at the end of a year-long class. Know that at this point, you have done the amount of work necessary to prove your ability to shine, and put those lessons to the test as you go forward into 2019.

Ultimately, the eclipses that fall in polar opposite signs of of Leo and Aquarius are about "Me vs. We;" the individual vs. the collective, and the personal vs. the impersonal. While you recognize a desire to be objective, and to be a part of a team, you'll find it especially difficult to contribute your time to anything that doesn't allow you to speak freely, from your heart this year. The eclipses will shine a bright light on this conflict, and help you navigate a way forward through massive changes, both internal and external.