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The Spiritual Meaning Of The Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 Is Cooler Than You Think


The super blue blood moon is scheduled to occur on Jan. 31, 2018, and sadly, it does not mean all the women of the world sync their menstrual cycles at once. It actually means that there's a lunar eclipse and a full moon syncing up with the moment when the moon is closest to earth as it can get within orbit. Sounds pretty boring, but the spiritual meaning behind the super blue blood moon is not as sinister as it sounds. In fact, the blood moon got its name from the color it turns when it falls behind the Earth's shadow. That's it.

The spiritual meaning behind this astrological event is a lot more fun than that, and you can make the most of it in whatever ways you want to. The full moon has always been known as a time of ripening, a time of harvest, and when you add an eclipse to that, it's meaning becomes much more mysterious. So I'm here to shine a little light on the lunar event known for staying in the shadows. Get your journals out, light a candle, say a prayer or take a breath, cause this eclipse is all about reaching for the moon.

Full Moon Meaning

The full moon is known by spiritualists as a time when our subconscious thoughts, longings, and fears all come to the surface at once. It's when what's been bubbling beneath our conscious thought patterns suddenly reveals itself through impulsive actions, changes, or decisions we make. The things we do or say during a full moon can be difficult to take back, because they are based on deeper truths — truths we know are real to us, in spite of how hard they might be for those around us to accept.

Full Moon Eclipse

A full moon eclipse, like the one we have ahead of us on Jan. 31, 2017, is like three full moons rolled into one. Think of this kind of event as a dramatic tossup in the course of your life, because when it hits, it radically alters the status quo in one way or another.

The astrological understanding of a full moon lunar eclipse, according to renowned astrologer Susan Miller is as follows:

The way to cope with these changes is to acknowledge the news that they bring as a necessary stepping stone into the next phase of your life. You might find that the changes an eclipse brings can be challenging or more difficult than you might have expected, but these challenges force you to leap forward into your fears, and to accept all that life has to offer you on the other side of them.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

A full moon lunar eclipse especially, like the upcoming one on Jan. 31, 2018, is known to show you a person's true character. This can be difficult, as it's always a toss-up about whether or not you're going to like what you see. That said, with the super blue blood moon lunar eclipse in the prideful sign of expressive Leo, you could very likely have a light shining on your own true colors, and that will surely have a positive effect, because this awareness can only lead to growth.