9 Tiny Cat Tattoos For The Sisters Who Are Obsessed With Their Feline Friend

Boris Jovanovic/Stocksy

Sometimes, cats get a bad rap for seeming a bit more standoffish, but if you truly know our feline friends, you know they just love being independent (which is pretty bad*ss, might I add). All of the women in my family are cat moms, because we share such a special bond with our sweet babies. My sister and I are constantly obsessing over how much we love our cats, and it's clear as to why. We're proud parents, OK? And besides, in my book, cats are some of the most lovable creatures on this planet. If you and your sister bestie can relate to this, you may want to consider representing your everlasting love for your feline friends with one of these cat tattoo ideas. Why not make your feels permanent, with your sister right by your side?

There's an irreplaceable bond that happens between a cat and their owner. You're the only one who truly understands their personality, and you speak a special language with them. If you and your sister are looking to get matching tiny cat tattoos, here are nine ideas to consider. It'll be a purr-fect daily reminder of the sister who you love endlessly, and your feline bestie. As a meow-nificent two-in-one, seeing your tiny tattoo will instantly warm your heart like taking a cozy nap with your fuzzy BFF. Sorry, not sorry for all of the cat puns.

1. Curled Up Purr-fectly Like A Heart

I love it when my cat curls up into a tiny little ball when she sits down. Who knew her cozy position could look just like a heart? This design looks exactly like a heart one way, but if you turn it, it's really a cat sitting down.

2. The Cutest Cat BFFs You've Ever Seen

One cat for you, and one cat for your sister. This design is a great representation of the love you have for your other half. You could even get each cat to look like your specific babies.

3. Back To The Basics

This cat ears and whiskers design is so subtle, yet so beautiful. The little heart nose is a great finishing touch. A tattoo like this one would look great on the back of your wrist, or behind your shoulder.

4. A Cat Catching Some Serious Z's

This cat can't even, and quite honestly, I feel the same. This tattoo's cuteness factor is over the charts. I love that it looks like the cat just fell over in exhaustion, and I relate to this little dude so hard.

5. This Cat-Tus Is Just Too Darn Adorable

Whoever thought of combining a cat and a cactus is a total genius. If you and your sister are looking for tiny tattoos that are totally unique, go for this cactus cat. Or, you could even look at other plants and see how you can make them look more like your feline friends.

6. Oh Cat, You're In Treble

This is a perfect tattoo for any sisters who love their cats, and are also passionate about music. This unique design is a treble clef made to look like a cat -- whiskers and all. You could even consult a tattoo artist to see what a bass clef would look like with a cat spin to it.

7. This Little Guy Will Melt Your Heart

You and your sister will always be reminded of your favorite feline friend with this cute tattoo. The details are amazing for such a tiny design. If you want to keep going, you can fill in one of your other fingers with a small heart tattoo like this person did.

8. Meowing In Your Ear

It looks like this tiny cat is meowing little secrets right into this person's ear. I love how this cat is looking up too, like it's a totally smitten kitten just begging for some attention. Behind the ear is also a perfect place for a smaller tattoo.

9. A Cattoo Of Your Baby's Face

You and your sister don't have to get tattoos that match entirely. Instead, you can both get little photo realistic versions of each of your cat's faces in the same spot. Look how adorable it is when your fuzzy baby sleeps side by side next to their picture. It's too much cuteness for us to even handle.