10 Tiny Dog Paw Tattoos For The Sisters Who Love Their Fur Baby More Than People


When you have a dog as a pet, that's when you truly understand the whole “man's best friend” thing. You love your furry pal unconditionally. You might even find yourself liking your dog way more than people. It's too easy; your fur baby never disappoints you, and only brings you an endless amount of joy at all times. What's not to love? If you have a family pet, your sister knows this to be all too true as well. You've both bonded with your family dog so much that you've probably considered getting tiny dog paw tattoos to show off your love for your furry friend.

If you haven't yet, you and your sis should definitely bounce around different dog tattoo ideas to get together. Getting a tat is a great permanent reminder that shows everyone you meet how much you love your dog, and you're not afraid who knows it. If this is your first time getting inked, a micro tat is an easy commitment. It's something small with big meaning that can go just about anywhere on your body. A paw print is a pretty universal idea that perfectly represents your sweet pooch. Here are 10 unique and creative dog paw tattoo ideas that you and your sister can consider for your upcoming ink session.

1. Two Adorable Black Paw Prints

This tattoo design is a classic and cute paw print look. Two black paws near each other look like your dog just gave your arm his or her signature. This tattoo will look great on your wrist, or just about anywhere on your body.

2. A Paw Print Infinity Sign

"To infinity and beyond." This tattoo shows that your love for your dog is infinite. Nothing will ever stop you and your sister from having an irreplaceable bond with your furry friend.

3. Colorful Prints Walking Down Your Shoulder

This idea uses colors in such a beautiful, meaningful way. You don't even have to get the silhouette of your dog making the paw prints. A subtle trail of colorful paws going down your shoulder blade will make such a sweet statement.

4. An Artsy Paw

This one highlights a very creative take on the typical paw print look. Each little toe is a swirl, which makes the design even more special. All together, it forms a paw print, but individually, the lines are beautiful designs.

5. A Watercolor Paw

This is one of my favorites because it's so colorful. The watercolor design takes a step away from the normal black paw, and adds so much personality to it. It's the ultimate tattoo if you have a pup who's a total social butterfly.

6. A Heart In The Toe

This is a cute take on the paw print with a cutout heart in one of the toes. This subtle image is hard to see from far away, but up close, you really can't miss it. It's like a heartwarming hidden message.

7. Your Furry Friend's Furry Paw

This tattoo shows off more than just the toes, which is what we normally see in a drawing of a paw print. This design spotlights the entire foot, fur and all. It's quite adorable.

8. An Actual Replica Of Your Dog's Print

A cute idea is having your dog actually leave a paw print on paper. Then, you can take it to your tattoo artist for them to replicate it. This idea is so special, because you know the paw print you and your sister get is one-of-a-kind; it's specifically your dog's.

9. A Simple Heart And Paw

This is a simple but cute idea that also has a little pop of color -- a micro red heart with your dog's paw print in it. You can't get anymore simpler with a direct tattoo idea that translates the love you have for your dog. A design like this will look perfect behind your neck or on your wrist.

10. A Hidden Finger Paw

Put your dog's paw on your own. This is a great idea for someone who's not into getting a tattoo in a place where a lot of people will see it. You can keep this small tattoo hidden, but it's also a way for you to be reminded of your furry best friend at all times.