11 Sister Tattoos To Get With Your Other Half That Symbolize How Close You Are

A sister's bond is like no other. You and your sister have grown up together and have seen each other at your best and your worst. There have been plenty of arguments and a ton of bad-mouthing and name-calling, but the love is still there (you just may not always feel it). Once you get older and you're not living on top of each other anymore, you may consider looking at tattoos to get with your sister to show your endless adoration for each other.

Tattoos aren't something that everyone wants, but they are super popular. There are best friend tats, pet tats, relationship tats, and more. There are tattoos for every occasion and feeling, and every personality can easily find a tattoo that works for them. Sometimes the Internet is a good place to go, but you can also find a really dope tattoo artist and work with them to create a special piece of art you and your sister will love forever. These tattoo ideas are great jumping off points to help you pick something meaningful for you and your sis. Make sure not to steal other artists' work, and come up with variations that are tailored to your specific sisterly bond.

For Sisters Who Love Coffee or Tea
lin_manuel on Twitter

If you and your sister are always huddled around coffee mugs or have a special blend you share, little cups of coffee are great for tattoos. They're simple and can be hidden easily if made small.

Is wine your drink of choice with your sister? A glass of vino is also a super cute, basic tattoo to choose as well.

A Sentimental Handwritten Tattoo
pushing_inc on Twitter

A type of tattoo that's pretty popular overall (not just among sisters) is handwriting of loved ones recreated on the body. If a family member passed away, or if you want to pay homage to your perfect mom or dad, having their writing inked on you is a great idea. You can either get the same on both you and your sister, or do variations. They'll still be matching because it's the same concept.

Your Favorite Flowers
meeseeksdestroy on Twitter

Another idea that doesn't have to involve exact replicas is to tattoo flowers on yourselves. If you have the same favorite flower, great! Otherwise, you can each pick a flower of your choice and go with that.

With this one, make them in the same style, as seen above. If one is super complex, do that with both. If you go to the same artist, this shouldn't be a problem. And flowers are just so pretty and Insta-worthy!

A Nautical Tattoo For Sea Lovers
darkopligl on Twitter

If you and your sister have a strong connection to the ocean, going with an anchor is perfect. Don't let people deter you by calling it "basic." Each tattoo is unique and means something important to each person.

Even if you and your sister just love the shape or look of an anchor, that's enough reason to get one. It's all still special because you chose it, and it's to symbolize your bond. Anchors away!

A Touch Of Nature You Can Always Have With You
the_rad on Twitter

Scenes of nature — especially pertaining to a place that means a lot to you and your sister — make perfect tattoos. If you have a favorite field from your childhood, or if you spent a ton of time under a specific tree, that would work well as a tattoo. You can get creative with this as well, as seen in the triangle shape above.

Landscapes Or Cosmic Geometric Tattoos
utubepedia on Twitter

Kind of going off the last idea about nature, you can also choose a ton of other landscapes. This includes mountains and the sea (seen above), or even something celestial like the sky or space. You can be as out there as you and your sister want to be, or you can keep it as simple as possible. The choices are truly endless.

Matching One-Line Flowers
ugh3000 on Twitter

The simplest tats you can get are single-line ones. They don't bring a ton of detail and always leave a great looking masterpiece behind.

You can go single-line (meaning it's one continuous line that connects all parts of the tattoo) or you can just keep it like above. Nothing fancy, but chic as can be and it looks good one everyone.

Fangirl Tats
kayla09049251 on Twitter

If you and your sister fangirl about the same things, get a tattoo that is a tribute to your favorite work of fiction, or your favorite band or singer. If you love Thor and Loki, like those above, go HAM and create a great set of tattoos (they honestly look so good!). If you both love William Shakespeare, get a good quote of his tatted (there is an endless supply of those to pick from). If you both really like Lady Gaga, either get a lyric or symbol of hers inked.

An Inside Joke In Ink Form
utubepedia on Twitter

Some of the best tattoos are funny ones, as they cause the most conversation and bring about the best memories. Not all tattoos have to be serious. Just getting one of your favorite animal or a symbol from a hilarious memory is amazing. It not only means a ton to you and your sister, but will also bring a smile to your face every time you look at it.

Lyrics From Your Favorite Song
jaybrene on Twitter

One of the best tattoos you and your sister can pick is a song lyric that speaks to you two. Favorite songs are the best, and you probably have a ton of dance parties to it (or crying, soulful sing-offs, depending what kind of song it is). Choose the most meaningful or fun part of the song and get it forever added to your body.

Birds For Carefree Spirits
wonderingkind on Twitter

Birds are beautiful things to get tatted, and if you and your sister are carefree spirits, this is perfect. They're so aesthetically pleasing and can represent so many things. Maybe it's your favorite animal, or it represents different members of your family. Maybe it symbolizes how you want to fly away from the bad, or that you already have. Whatever it may be, birds are perfect sisters tats.