10 Unique Group Tattoo Ideas To Get On Spring Break With Your Favorite People

by Tessa Harvey

Spring break is an essential part of the college experience. Whether you're staycation-ing or living it up in a tropical paradise, it's a time to let loose, live life, and celebrate being away from school for a bit with some of your best friends. The memories you make with your BFFs on spring break will last you a lifetime — at least I hope they will. Who's to say how things will change and grow? But in the moment, the best thing you can do is be in the moment. And maybe for you and your friends that means figuring out the perfect group tattoo ideas to get on spring break.

For some, tattoos are a form of self expression. They're permanent reminders of loved ones, places we've been, and all the fun we've had. So, in the case of spring break, the question you should be asking yourself is why not get an awesome tattoo with your best friends to commemorate a great week?

If you and the squad are in need of some ideas, you're in the right place. These 10 tattoo ideas have something for everyone. Feel free to put your own twist on them. That way, the possibilities are truly endless.

A Reminder Of The Waves You Rode
illustrationst1 on Twitter

This tattoo is a bright and colorful reminder of the waves you rode, the surf lessons you failed at, and that day it started pouring while you were at the beach (but you made the best of it). This design will always bring you and your friends back to the beach.

Show A Fraction Of The Fun You Had
camryn_spring on Twitter

This little tattoo is perfect for the group who's not looking for a big piece of art. This design is quick and simple, and it's customizable to the group you're with. Plus, you can put it pretty much anywhere and it will be subtle.

A Constellation Close To Your Hearts
smalltattooscom on Twitter

Maybe you spent a night looking up at the stars. Maybe your group is really into space. Or maybe you're just a fan of pretty tattoos. This constellation idea is so fun. You and your friends will have a blast deciding what to go for.

A Tiny Boat For Your Future Traveling
jacks_septlceye on Twitter

How cute is this teeny tiny tattoo? I love that you can make this one super detailed or super basic, depending what you all prefer. It's a reminder of your travels during spring break and future ones to come.

A Symbol Of Your Love For The Seashore
tattooforaweek on Twitter

What better little animal could you get than the seahorse? This little creature floats along and lives its life, just like you and your friends. It's also a symbol of your love for the water.

A Few Delicate Flowers
betrendsetters on Twitter

If you're in the market for a spontaneous group tattoo, you can never go wrong with a pretty flower. If you're in a particularly tropical setting, go for the state or country's symbolic flower. It's a personal touch, so you'll never forget the great times you had.

Coordinates of Your Vacay Spot
brieanneberard on Twitter

With this tat, you really can't forget your vacation. Get the coordinates of the body of water you're staying by, or maybe the local spot where you hung out together. You can decorate it to your heart's content, or pick a font you all like.

An Arrow, So You Can Find Your Way Back
poisonivybb on Twitter

Along the similar line of not getting lost, these arrows keep you and your group always coming back to one another. Life may shake things off course, but you'll have the memories of this time. Or, at least, a cute arrow.

Take The Sun Wherever You Go
summer_morgan16 on Twitter

The memories may fade. You may go back to wintery weather and snow that freezes your toes. But, you'll always have these little balls of sunshine.

You Can Never Go Wrong With A Wave
tattooalert on Twitter

And finally, a simple wave like this one can never steer you wrong. It's so versatile that you can all personalize it to your liking. Small or large, it will look great.