11 Subtle Tattoo Ideas For Spring Break To Seas The Day With Your Girl Crew

If you're in dire need of some time off, you can sigh in relief — because spring break is on its way. The beach is calling you to make some new memories with your girl crew, and dancing the night away is mandatory. It'll definitely be something to remember, and what better way to make those memories last than by getting a symbolic tattoo of your time together? Your whole squad can browse through some subtle tattoo ideas for spring break to solidify your bond for a lifetime.

Whenever you look down at your adorable tat, you'll be flooded with so many memories of the late nights and sunny days spend with your mains. Whether it's your high school crew you're reuniting with, or your best college buds, you're tying yourselves together in a fun, creative way that's exclusive to your squad.

Choose from any of these 11 subtle tattoo ideas that truly embrace all of the good spring break vibes, or maybe they'll inspire you to come up with a design on your own. No matter what you choose for your ink, you and your squad will look super cool — and no one can say you didn't totally seas the day on your spring break.

A Tropical Fruit
jenjenjenna1 on Twitter

If your squad is chasing the waves for spring break, you may want to remember the beautiful island vibes with a cute tropical fruit tattoo. This pineapple is a perfect reminder of sitting on the beach with a vibrant milkshake in hand.

Birds Of A Feather
macysaulnier on Twitter

They say, "Birds of a feather flock together." Your girl crew is just like a flock of birds. You don't go anywhere without one another, and that's why you're spending spring break together basking in the sunshine. Get this cute design of birds flying in a group as a reminder that your crew is always close behind.

The Word Of The Week
myeshia7 on Twitter

Spring break is all about getting away from your busy schedule, and having absolutely no priorities. Tattoo that freedom on your fingers with a script design just like this one. If you have other words that represent your week, or maybe your crew has a nickname, switch it out for that word. It's all about the placement, and the finger is a great spot to get a joint tat.

Pizza Is The Real MVP
ashelsmcfashels on Twitter

If your friends joke more than anything, get a silly tattoo together like this infinity sign made out of pizza. It's true that pizza is the real MVP, and just like pizza, your friendship is pretty awesome as well.

If I had this tat, I would want to eat a slice of pizza every time I saw it. Although, I already crave pizza constantly, so what's new?

Getting Nauti
maggisemple on Twitter

This anchor tat is a cute idea if your friends are going on a cruise this spring break. An anchor is also symbolic of how your friends will always keep you grounded when the stormy days come, so it works in a lot of ways. Plus, it's cute and tiny enough that it'll look great just about anywhere you decide to get it.

A Whole New World
betrendsetters on Twitter

If your spring break plans are taking you and your friends to new places, document it all with a tiny globe tat. The world is yours for the taking, and it can literally be yours when you ink it on your body. A map of the world can even be a reminder to your squad of all places you'll go together.

You're A Star... Fish
novy_tattoo on Twitter

Stars are always a great idea for a shared tattoo, but make it relate to your beach vacay by getting a starfish. Everyone else will be star-fishing they were in your crew. Get it? Also, these starfish tats are great for instantly reminding you of swimming in the ocean with your favorite people.

A Tree-Mendous Tattoo
taytaygut on Twitter

When you think of a tropical vacay, one of the first things you envision are the palm trees swaying in the breeze. A palm tree tattoo is an easy way to take you back to your happy place. When you and your friends are back in school, you will look down at your trees and be transported to a time when you were laying in a hammock in the shade.

You Are My Sunshine
500daysofyuka on Twitter

A sun represents your time outside with your friends, and how they all brighten up your world. This is the perfect tat if you are truly looking for something itty bitty. But, you can always get a sun that is a little bigger and more detailed if you want to go that route.

A Cute Little Elephant
jessicacorkins1 on Twitter

Elephants are symbols of stability and strength. You love your friends like family, and you are all stronger together. That's why an elephant tattoo is an elephant-astic idea. Also, you can't argue that they aren't adorable. Who doesn't want a tiny elephant to carry around?

Something That Is Flying High
macragustin on Twitter

When you were younger, paper airplanes represented passing notes in class with your BFFs. When those friends you used to pass notes with are now your number one travel buddies, the paper airplane takes on a whole new meaning. A paper airplane is a reminder of all the secrets you've shared and places you plan to visit.