7 Pretty, Subtle Tattoo Ideas For The Astrology Lover In Us All

A subtle change can make all the difference in the world. Just like Mercury being in retrograde, it's a change that can drastically alter how we feel on the regular. That's exactly what a tattoo can do for you. Even getting a tiny design can make you feel so awesome and empowered. It's something not too flashy, but a symbol of who you are, that's entirely unique to you. If you're looking for a little change in your life and are a big astrology lover, there are many subtle astrology tattoo designs you should consider.

When the stars and planets move they can cause all sorts of changes in your life. The stars also tell us a lot about who we are. You're so attached to your zodiac sign that when you read your horoscope, you always scream, "That's SO me!" If you're someone who can't stop gazing up at the sky, you can own a little piece of it by getting an astrology-inspired tattoo on your body for either the whole world or just you to see.

These seven tattoo ideas are really out of this world. You deserve a little positive change, so take a spontaneous step and get that little astrology tattoo you've been dreaming of.

The Hidden Constellation
karincatattoo on Twitter

A mini tattoo of your favorite constellation is a great idea, and the perfect placement for it is behind your ear. It can be hidden when you want it to be, so essentially, it's like a secret set of stars just for you. Just like the stars can be hidden behind a cloud, your tattoo can be hidden out of view. It's only when you look closely enough, and have a clear view, it's a stunning sight to see.

A Flowery Constellation
rubyramireeez on Twitter

If you're looking for something super unique, consider getting your favorite constellation -- but instead of stars, you can replace them with flowers. This is a gorgeous design, and perfect for any stargazing flower child. If you're getting a tattoo of your zodiac constellation, replace the stars with your birth month flowers to really make the design unique to you.

A Mini Moon, Just For You
little_tattoos on Twitter

If your favorite object in the sky is the moon, then you should consider getting a small one just for you. This blue crescent moon is so striking. You can also get it in any color you choose, and anywhere you'd like on your body. With this design, you'll always have the moon with you, even when the sun is shining.

Stargazing On Your Shoulder
phosdigo on Twitter

This constellation tattoo is just so perfect. To someone who doesn't know, this may simply look like several stars on your shoulder. But to any astrology lover, they'll know it's your zodiac constellation.

A Mini Galaxy On Your Arm
pbbae78 on Twitter

If you love every celestial object there is to see, get tatted up with your very own galaxy on your arm. This tattoo is small and subtle, and yet there is so much beauty to see. Of course, it's your tattoo, so you can make it your own with your favorite stars and planets.

A Tiny Zodiac Sign
little_tattoos on Twitter

If you're looking for something very subtle, get a tiny tat of your zodiac sign. This minimalist tattoo can go just about anywhere on your body. Some people even like getting them on their fingers or hidden behind their necks. This is something small, but can tell the world you're so proud of who you are.

An Astrological Dream On Your Hand
alicebethxxx on Twitter

This is another take on the constellation concept, except on top of your constellation you can get this beautiful moon design. Choose any constellation of your choice. This design also looks great on the hand, but it's just small enough that you can get it just about anywhere your heart desires.