10 words that describe best friends, like the two women pictured here against a pink backdrop.

10 Adjectives That Describe Your Friendship With Your Bestie, If It's The Forever Type

Let’s start with “loyal.”

True best friends don't just come knocking on your door every day. They are a once-in-a-lifetime find you need to hold onto tight. You may have a bunch of good friends, but a forever friend is totally different. You can tell the difference because your bestie feels more like family and they can pretty much read your mind. There are more than a few words that describe best friends that prove that you're the forever type.

You know right away once you've locked down your BFF, because the minute they walk into your life, it's like something instantly clicks. You finally find that missing puzzle piece that makes you feel complete. You have someone to tell all of your secrets to, who's down for any spontaneous adventure, has a similar (if not the same) sense of humor, and just gets you like no one else does. That's why they're so special.

You also completely understand these 10 adjectives whenever your BFF is around, which proves your friendship is the real deal. You may not get these qualities in each one of your friendships, but your bestie is checking off all the boxes. That is why she qualifies for that "forever" piece of best friends forever.

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You want a best friend who is loyal to a T — someone who will always be there for you when you need them through text, FaceTime, or even when you're having the worst day and just need someone to share a pint of your favorite ice cream with. Your bestie would never let you go through anything alone, and will always have your back, no matter what.


You want a BFF who you feel comfortable venting to. When you're spilling your secrets to them, you want it to be a judgement-free zone. Your bestie loves you no matter what, and that's why they would never dare give you a look after you admit to who you're crushing on or how you really feel about your job.


Honesty is so important in any relationship. You want to feel comfortable telling your BFF anything and everything. Right now, your best friend knows who you're crushing on and your biggest fears. Since you trust each other so much, there is no topic that's ever off the table.

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You and your bestie are each other's number one fans. You are always pushing them to go for their dreams, and they are right there cheering you on as well. You need a best friend who will not only support every decision you make, but be willing to help you along the way.

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The best hangs with your BFF are when you're not doing anything at all. You are both so comfortable with each other that you could be sitting at home, watching Netflix, not even talking, and still having the best time ever.

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You and your bestie may have completely different personalities. However, your relationship works well because you have a mutual understanding. You sympathize and always try relate to what the other one is going through.


You bestie is down for the adventure. If you want to hop in the car and take a spontaneous road trip, you don't have to ask them twice if they want to come with. And if you want to spend an afternoon taking surf lessons at the beach, you know your bestie's probably game to give it a try, too.

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Best friends share the same or similar sense of humor. You always think your best friend is the funniest person in the room. Everyone else may not get the joke they dropped, but you're laughing so hard that you're pretty much crying.

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A best friend who's the forever type is someone who's caring. They love you like family, and it's mutual. All you want is for your bestie to be happy, and you'll do anything to make that happen — including ordering takeout and watching their fave rom-com with them when they're having a rough day.

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Your best friend is not only supportive, but pushes you to go after your dreams. They inspire you to be a better person just by being their fabulous self, and cheering you on to reach for the stars. Together, you always have this feeling like you can take on the world.